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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Combustion chamber

  1. Puits de combustion

  2. The part of a boiler, furnace or woodstove where the burn occurs; normally lined with firebrick or molded or sprayed insulation.

  3. Part of the gas water heater, located in the jacket base assembly, where the burner is located and combustion takes place.

  4. The location where combustion takes place.

Combustion chamber, английский

Puits de combustion, французский

Chamb, английский

Chambarrier, английский
    A ring whip for horses. its pole is up to 5.5 m in length.

Chamber, английский
  1. Камера

  2. The vacuum compartment of an ar coating machine into which the lenses are placed for ar application.

  3. A hollow space (atrium or ventricle) in the heart where blood is collected

  4. N камера air ~ воздушная камера

  5. [1] the enclosed part of the bore of a muzzle-loading cannon that holds the charge. [2] the compartment in a firearm (such as the breech of a rifle, or the cylinder of a revolver) that holds a cartridge preparatory to firing.

Chamber, английский

Chamber con centre-to-centre dimensions, английский

Chamber connections, английский

Chamber of a mine, английский
    The seat or receptacle prepared for the powder-charge, usually at the end of the gallery, and out of the direct line of it; and, if possible, tamped or buried with tight packing of earth, &c., to increase the force of explosion.

Chamber of a piece of ordnance, английский
    The end of the bore modified to receive the

Chamber story, английский
    In a house, a floor completely occupied by bedrooms; also called chamber floor.

Chamber test, английский
    A fire test for floor coverings,

Chamber throat, английский

Chamber tomb, английский

Chamber, 1., английский

Chamber, o, английский
    Chamber-piece. a charge piece in old ordnance, like a paterero, to put into the breech of a gun prepared for it. (see murderer.) used by the chinese, as in gingals (which see).

Chamber-and-pillar, английский

Chamber-pot, английский

Chambered cairn, английский
    Chambered tomb covered with stones

Chambered hall, английский
    A house, having a one-room plan, which is two stories in height.

Chambered tomb, английский
    Common form of tomb, comprising orthostats, sometimes with interstices filled with drystone walling, and megalithic capstone over burial chamber approached by passage

Chamberlain, английский

Chamberland, английский

Combustion, английский
  1. Сгорание; горение

  2. Горение, сожжение

  3. Any chemical process that produces light and heat as either glow or flames.

  4. Burning, &c. (see spontaneous combustion.)

Insulation, английский
  1. Material which offers extremely high resistance to the passage of current.

  2. Any material high in resistance to heat transmission that, when placed in the walls, ceiling, or floors of a structure, and will reduce the rate of heat flow.

  3. Any material that slows down the transfer of heat.

  4. Any material that reduces the speed of heat transfer

  5. Изоляция

  6. A material having high resistance to the flow of electric current. often called a dielectric.

  7. Изоляция; материал, используемый для изоляции холодильника (морозильника, термоконтейнера и т.п.) integrated disease surveillance (ids)

  8. Изоляция; материал, используемый для изоляции холодильника (морозильника, термоконтейнера и т.п.)

Combustion zone, английский
    Zone de combustion;cavité

Combustion air, английский
  1. Air de combustion

  2. The duct work installed to bring fresh, outside air to the furnace and/or hot water heater. normally 2 separate supplies of air are brought in: one high and one low.