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Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

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Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Annihilation (positron - electron)

Глоссарий по ядерной энергетике
    Annihilation (positron - electron) radiation occurs when an electron (negatively charged) collides with a positron (positively changed & the electron’s anti-particle). the usual result is the emission of two gamma ray photons – each of 511 kev travell

Atomic mass, английский
    The atomic mass represents the total number of protons & neutrons in an atom. for example, in the carbon 14 atom shown above there are 6 (red) protons and 8 (blue) neutrons packed into the nucleus. therefore the atomic mass is 14 (and hence we write c

Alara, английский
    Alara: as low as reasonably achievable (social and economic factors being taken into account). this term was introduced by the icrp and requires that all be reasonably done to lower radiation exposures below dose limits .