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20 декабря, 2017

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    Accumulation of dust and gas into larger bodies such as stars, planets and moons.

Accumulation, английский
  1. In the context of corporate finance, refers to profits that are added to the capital base of the company rather than paid out as dividends. see: accumulated profits tax. in the context of investments, refers to the purchase by an institutional broker of a

  2. With respect to radiation protection , accumulation describes the process and location where radioactive materials preferably accumulate in body organs. for example, when i-125 enters the body it will accumulate in the thyroid , where as ca-45 will accumu

  3. Накопление. рыночный процесс, при котором мелкие торговцы выступают в качестве продавцов, а крупные торговцы покупателями, “накапливая” ценные бумаги;

  4. Накопление (в снс и смп); сбережения, см. gross accumulation; net capital formation; savings

  5. Обогащение

  6. Накопление

  7. Накопление; суммирование

Adams, john couch 1819-1892, французский
    English astronomer and mathematician who, at the age of 24, was the first person to predict the position of a planetary mass beyond uranus. but, unfortunately, adams did not publish his prediction. galle confirmed the existance of neptune based on indepen