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20 декабря, 2017

"traduction professionnelle"

30 октября, 2017

Déchiffrement et transcription des informations audios et vidéos, transformation en forme de texte

20 июля, 2015

La qualité inférieure du texte original est un problème constant pour les agences de traduction

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Глоссарий по астрономии
    Crater formed by an explosion or collapse of a volcanic vent.

Carbonate, французский
    A compound containing carbon and oxygen (i.e. calcium carbonate a.k.a. limestone).

Bond, william cranch 1789-1859, французский
    One of the earliest american astronomers of note; rose from poverty and overcame a lack of formal education to become the first director of the harvard college observatory where he studied saturn and (with lassell) discovered its moon hyperion.