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20 декабря, 2017

"traduction professionnelle"

30 октября, 2017

Déchiffrement et transcription des informations audios et vidéos, transformation en forme de texte

20 июля, 2015

La qualité inférieure du texte original est un problème constant pour les agences de traduction

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Глоссарий по астрономии
  1. Ovoid-shaped feature.

  2. The uppermost level of the solar atmosphere, characterized by low densities and high temperatures (> 1.0e+06° k).

Atmosphere, английский
  1. The envelope of gases that surround a planet`s surface held by the planet`s gravity. over the earth, the atmosphere is divided into several layers based on their properties. the most common layer designations are

  2. Атмосфера

  3. The ambient air, or thin elastic fluid which surrounds the globe, and gradually diminishing in gravity rises to an unknown height, yet by gravitation partakes of all its motions.

  4. [1] the envelope of air surrounding the globe. [2] a unit of pressure equal to 76 centimeters (29.9 inches) of mercury, or 1033.2 grams/sq. centimeter (2116.3 pounds/sq. foot). (cf. hydrosphere, lithosphere.)

Temperatur, немецкий

Coronagraph, французский
    A special telescope which blocks light from the disk of the sun in order to study the faint solar atmosphere.

Copernicus, nicolaus 1473-1543, французский
    Polish astronomer who advanced the heliocentric theory that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. this was highly controversial at the time as the ptolemaic view of the universe, which was the prevailing theory for over 1000 years, was deepl