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20 июня, 2013

Flersprogede parlør til hjælpe for turister og rejsende

08 апреля, 2013

Indenfor rammerne af "Natten med Andersen" lød eventyr på dansk

12 февраля, 2013

Danskere kan ikke lide sit modersmål

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Bedes du stoppe

Русско-Датский разговорник

    Пожалуйста остановку, русский

    Stopped chamfer, английский

    Stopped dado, английский
      A dado, 3 which does not cut across the full width of the piece of wood in which it is set.

    Stopped end, английский

    Stopped flute, английский
      In classical architecture and derivatives, a flute terminated, usually about two-thirds of the way down a column or pilaster. below this, the shaft may be smooth or faceted, or the fluting may be incised partway, leaving a flat surface sunk between fillets. a cabled flute is sometimes called “stopped.”

    Stopped mortise, английский

    Stopped rotor vehicle, английский
      Самолет- вертолет с останавливаемым и складывающимся несущим винтом

    Stopper, английский
    1. The defender that marks the best scorer on the attacking team, often the opposition`s striker; exists only in a man-to-man defense.

    2. [1] a chain, line, or other device to temporarily hold a larger chain or cable while it is being secured. [2] a knot forming a knob at the end of a line to prevent it running through a block, cleat, hole, or other small space.

    Stopper, английский

    Stopper, немецкий
      Kugel- oder knebelförmige mechanismen aus kunststoff oder metall, die kordeldurchzüge fixieren

    Stopper knot, английский
      A knot tied in the end of a rope, usually to stop it passing through a hole; most commonly a figure-eight knot.

    Stopper of the anchor, английский
      A strong rope attached to the cat-head, which, passing through the anchor-ring, is afterwards fastened to a timber-head, thereby securing the anchor on the bow.

    Stopper of the cable, английский
      Commonly called a deck-stopper. a piece of rope having a large knot at one end, and hooked or lashed to a ring-bolt in the deck by the other; it is attached to the cable by a laniard, which is passed securely round both, by several turns passed behind the knot, or round the neck of the stopper, by which means the cable is restrained from running out of the ship when she rides, and is an additional security to the bitted cable.—dog-stopper. a strong rope clenched round the main-mast, and used on particular occasions to relieve and assist the preceding when the ship rides in a heavy sea, or otherwise veering with a strain on the cable.— wing-stoppers. similar pieces of rope clenched round one of the beams near the ship`s side, and serving the same purpose as the preceding.—rigging-stoppers have a knot and a laniard at each end; they are used when the shrouds, stays, or backstays are stranded in action, or in a gale; they are then lashed above and below, in the same manner as those of the cables, to the wounded parts of the shroud, &c., which are thereby strengthened, so as to be fit for service. other rigging-stoppers have dead-eyes and tails, so that by securing one dead-eye above and the other below the injury, they can be set up by their laniard, and brought to an even strain with the other shrouds. stoppers are also pieces of rope used to prevent the running-rigging from coming up whilst being belayed. sometimes they have a knot at one end, and a hook at the other, for various purposes about the decks.

    Stopper pad, английский
      Подушечка на запястье передней конечности

    Stopper plate, английский

    Stopper., английский

    Stoppering, английский
      The act of checking or holding fast any rope or cable by means of a stopper.

    Bil, датский

    Bananer, датский