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No smoking

Русско-Финский разговорник

    Не курить, русский

    Smoke, английский
    1. Fumée

    2. Дым; дымка

    3. Humo

    4. A white, grey or black product made of small particles, given off by something which is burning  verb to breathe in smoke from a cigarette, cigar or pipe which is held in the lips  doctors are trying to persuade people to stop smoking. (note: smoking – smoked) comment: the connection between smoking tobacco, especially cigarettes, and lung cancer has been proved to the satisfaction of the british government, which prints a health warning on all packets of cigarettes. smoke from burning tobacco contains nicotine and other substances which stick in the lungs, and can in the long run cause cancer and heart disease.

    Smoke, английский

    Smoke, английский

    Smoke, английский

    Smoke, английский

    Smoke -, английский
      Дымовая шахта; шахта [канал] для удаления дыма

    Smoke abatement regulations pi, английский

    Smoke and ., английский

    Smoke and fire vent, английский
      A vent cover, installed on a roof, which opens automatically when the heat exceeds 160°f (71.4°c), thereby releasing the door and venting the fire.

    Smoke and fire vent., английский

    Smoke and fire vent. heat balance 1. a procedure for determining the efficiency of a combustion process: all heat losses (expressed as percentages) are added together; then their total is subtracted from 100%; the remaining figure represents the efficienc, английский

    Smoke and illumination, английский
      Дымный и световой сигнал

    Smoke barrier, английский
      Any type of continuous barrier of noncombustible construction, designed and constructed to restrict the spread of smoke in a building.

    Smoke chamber, английский
      In a fireplace, the space directly above the chimney throat, where the smoke gathers before passing into the flue.

    Smoke composition, английский

    Smoke concentration, английский

    Smoke control, английский

    Smoke control zone, английский
      A space within a building enclosed by smoke barriers.

    Smoke curtain, английский
      A barrier that restricts the spread of smoke.

    Smoke damper, английский
      A damper, 1 arranged to seal off air flow automatically through part of an air duct system, so as to restrict passage of smoke.

    Smoke density, английский
      The ratio of (a) the smoke emitted by a burning material to (b) the smoke emitted by a standard material.

    No, voin ostaa sen, финский

    No date, финский