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Correlation risk

Глоссарий по риск-менеджменту
    Risk of loss resulting from breakdowns in observed correlations between instruments, products, currencies or markets

Корреляционный риск, русский
    Риск потерь в результате нарушений (разравов) в корреляции между финансовыми инструментами, продуктами, валютами или рынками.

Correlate, английский
    In logging, to show which logged client-side events caused corresponding server-side events. log data is ofen correlated as it is being consolidated to a database or log file.

Correlated, английский

Correlated color temperature, английский

Correlated data processor, английский
    Процессор данных с корреляцией

Correlated errors, английский
    Коррелированные ошибки correlated faultsкоррелированные неисправности

Correlated exposure, английский
    Exposure to a risk factor, taking into account the impact of correlated risk factors

Correlated orientation tracking and range, английский
    (system) радиолокационная система слежения «ko- тар»

Correlated sources, английский

Correlated subquery, английский
    A subquery that references a column in the outer statement. the inner query is run for each candidate row in the outer statement.

Correlating -, английский
    Корреляционное уравнение

Correlatio, английский

Correlatio [onis, f], латинский

Correlation, английский
  1. A measure of linear association between two (ordered) lists. two variables can be strongly correlated without having any causal relationship, and two variables can have a causal relationship and yet be uncorrelated.

  2. Соотношение; корреляция

  3. N корреляция, соответ- ствие regular ~s закономерные соответствия

  4. Корреляция

  5. Correlation is a statistical measure of the association between two attributes or types of events. it typically ranges from -1 to 1, with a -1 indicating a complete negative association (e.g., if one type of event occurs the other cannot), and a +1 indicating a complete posipage 66 tive association. for continuous attributes, the pearson correlation coefficient is computed as the ratio of the covariance between two attributes to the product of the attributes` standard errors. see also: covariance.

  6. To correlate, in a stratigraphic sense, is to show correspondence in character and in stratigraphic position between geographically separated stratigraphic sections or rock bodies. there are different kinds of correlation depending on the feature or property to be emphasized (see section 3.a.9 and lithocorrelation, biocorrelation, and chronocorrelation). coset. a sedimentary unit made up o f two or more sets, either o f strata or o f cross-strata, separated from other strata or cross-strata by original flat surfaces o f erosion, nondeposition, or abrupt change in character (mckee and weir, 1953, p. 384).

  7. Creating relationships between an email activity and other records by using the information from email headers.

Correlation analysis, английский
    Корреляционный анализ

Correlation attack, английский

Correlation coef. cient, английский
    Коэффициент корреляции. число, показывающее степень зависимости между двумя переменными. коэффициенты корреляции лежат в пределах от 0 (корреляция отсутствует) до –1 или +1 (прямолинейная корреляция).

Correlation coefficient, английский
  1. The correlation coefficient r is a measure of how nearly a scatterplot falls on a straight line. the correlation coefficient is always between −1 and +1. to compute the correlation coefficient of a list of pairs of measurements (x,y), first transform x and y individually into standard units. multiply corresponding elements of the transformed pairs to get a single list of numbers. the correlation coefficient is the mean of that list of products. this page contains a tool that lets you generate bivariate data with any correlation coefficient you want.

  2. Коэффициент корреляции

Correlation coefficient, r, английский
    A statistic that estimates the degree of association between two variables, such as the measurement result by a test method and the measurement result by a comparison method. a value of 1.000 indicates perfect association, i.e., as one variable increases, the other increases proportionately. a value of 0.000 indicates no correlation, i.e., as one variable changes, the other may or may not change. a value of -1.000 indicates perfect negative correlation, i.e., as one variable increases, the other decreases proportionately. for data from a comparison of methods experiment, the correlation coefficient is often calculated along with regression statistics to assess whether the range of concentrations is wide and, therefore, whether the estimates of the slope and intercept from ordinary regression analysis will be reliable.

Correlation coefficient., английский
    The correlation coefficient r is a measure of how nearly a scatterplot falls on a straight line. the correlation coefficient is always between -1 and +1. to compute the correlation coefficient of a list of pairs of measurements (x,y), first transform x an

Correlation cryptanalysis, английский

Correlation detection of data, английский

Instruments, английский
    (измерительные) приборы

Instrument, английский
  1. A term used to describe a sensor (or sensors), the associated transducer(s), and the data read-out or recording device.

  2. (измерительный) прибор

  3. One of many terms for a light, heard mostly in the theater. see: lights.

  4. A piece of equipment or a tool  the doctor had a box of surgical instruments.

  5. A term of extensive application among tools and weapons; but it is here introduced as an official conveyance of some right, or the record of some fact.

  6. A legal document that records an act or agreement and provides the evidence of that act or agreement. instruments include contracts, notes, and leases (e.g. a debt instrument).

  7. Навести инструмент ~ of application точка приложения (напр, силы) ~ of certainty тройная засечка ~ of compound curvature точка сопряжения двух кривых ~ of concentration замыкающий створ ~ of contraflexure точка перегиба ~ of curvature начало или конец кривой (в плане) ~ of cusp точка сопряжения обратных кривых ~ of grade intersection точка перелома в продольном профиле ~ of high stress concentration точка концентрации высоких [значительных] напряжений ~ of inflection точка перегиба ~ of intersection вершина угла (на плане трассы) ~ of lateral restraint точка бокового закрепления [защемления] (сжатого или изгибаемого элемента) ~ of support точка опоры ~ of switch конец остряка ~ of tangency начало или конец кривой (в плане) ~ of the maximum bending moment точка максимального изгибающего момента ~ of vertical curve начало вертикальной кривой ~ of vertical intersection вершина угла вертикальной кривой ~ of vertical tangent начало или конец вертикальной кривой ~ of zero moment точка нулевого момента (на эпюре моментов)

  8. Прибор, инструмент

  9. To tag the source code in order to measure the amount of time spent in each area.

Taxation risk, английский
    Risk of loss resulting from changes in tax laws or unanticipated taxation.

Operational control risk, английский
    Risk of loss resulting from breakdown in the controls around front, middle and back office activities including: