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Utilisation fee

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    A fee paid to the lender to increase its return on drawn assets. the payment is generally linked to the average utilisation of the facility exceeding a specified percentage or amount during a defined period of time.

Fee, английский
  1. Failure effects evaluation

  2. Feature extraction environment

  3. Пошлина; сбор

  4. Комиссия, взнос, платеж

  5. Remuneration for professional work.

  6. Оплата; плата; выплата

Fee (charge, collect from whom?), английский
    Плата (оплата, гонорары) (просить, взимать с кого?)

Fee agreement, английский
    Договор об оплате

Fee income, английский
    Комиссионный доход , доход от платежей и комиссионных

Fee petition, английский
    Петиция на оплату

Fee required by law, английский
    Пошлина, установленная законом

Fee simple, испанский
    The most complete, unlimited form of ownership of real property, which lasts until the current holder dies without an heir

Fee simple, английский
    An inheritable, possessory interest in land which may endure until the death of all lineal and collateral heirs of the first owner and which may be freely conveyed by its owner.

Fee tail, английский
    An estate of inheritance which is limited to one particular class of heirs of the person to whom it is granted.

Fee television, английский
    Абонентское телевидение; платное телевидение

Fee-based services, английский

Feeb, английский

Feebicle, английский

Feeble, английский

Feeble-minded, английский

Feebly hydraulic lime, английский
    Lime obtained from limestone containing a low percentage of clay. feeder 1. in power distribution, a group of electric conductors which originate at a main distribution center and supply one or more secondary distribution centers, one or more branch-circuit distribution centers, or a combination of these. 2. in a water distribution system, a water pipe connecting an appliance to the water supply system.

Feed, английский
  1. Front end engineering design

  2. Питание, подача

  3. Вать (напр., в устройство информацию (напр., о геометрических параметрах обрабатываемой детали)

Feed (fed), английский

Feed and upsetting drive, английский

Feed barn, английский

Feed beam, английский

Percentage, английский
  1. Pourcentage

  2. Процент

  3. The proportion rate in every hundred or for every hundred  what is the percentage of long-stay patients in the hospital?

  4. Процент; процентное содержание; процентный состав; процентное отношение percentage-of-completion method метод "по мере готовности"

Front end fee (fef), английский
    A fee, calculated as a percentage of the principal amount, which is payable once, generally at signing of the loan agreement or shortly thereafter.

Delayed compensation, английский
    A component of pricing in the settlement of loan trades which do not close on a timely basis. delayed compensation is intended to place the parties in the approximate economic position on the actual settlement date that they would have been if they had cl