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Withholding tax (wht)

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    A tax on interest or dividend payments, deductible at source.

Deductible, английский
  1. Вычитаемая франшиза.

  2. Вычитаемый (из налогов)

  3. On a building project, a type of insurance policy stipulating that in the event of loss, the insured is liable for a specified initial amount and the insurance company is liable for the amount above that figure, up to the insured amount.

Accordion feature, английский
    A type of option that a borrower can have inserted into a syndicated credit agreement at the outset of the transaction which allows it to increase the principal under the credit agreement, subject to there being no event of default. the interest, maturity

Commercial paper (cp), английский
    A short term unsecured promise to repay a debt on a certain future date, usually written as a promissory note and sold at a discount.