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24 апреля, 2019

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Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Clear market

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    An agreement by a borrower at the mandate stage of a syndicated loan not to engage in other public financings which could compete with the syndicated loan being arranged.

Clear, английский
  1. Log without knots; first quality log (19).

  2. Clearance

  3. Components life evaluation and reliability

  4. Освобождение (кнопок ввода данных); отбой; возврат; ясно, безоблачно; чистый; разрешать; очищать

  5. To kick the ball away from one`s goal.

  6. To perform customs and immigration legalities prior to leaving port.

  7. The net distance, free from interruption, between any two surfaces or areas.

  8. Is variously applied, to weather, sea-coasts, cordage, navigation, &c., as opposed to foggy, to dangerous, to entangled. it is usually opposed to foul in all these senses.

  9. [1] to obtain approval of something. [2] an open message not in cipher or code. [3] to authorize access to classified information . [4] to safely pass over or by an obstruction or hazard such as a reef. [5] to round a cape or promontory or pass a landmark. [6] free-running, not fouled. [7] to remove stoppages or fouling of a gun. [8] to remove ammunition from a gun. [9] to complete all formalities necessary to enter or leave a port. [10] to remove all cargo from a ship. [11] to drive or force out (e.g., clear the seas). clear anchor!: report to the commanding officer that the anchor is in sight and free from any entanglement. clear away!: command to lay out rope in a coil that will run freely.

Clear, английский

Clear / foul anchor, английский
    Якорь чист / не чист

Clear ahead, английский
    Число впереди

Clear air turbulence, английский
    Турбулентность, атмосферы при ясном небе

Clear all, английский
    Очистить все

Clear all breakpoints, английский
    Снять все точки останова

Clear an account equivalent: balance an account., английский
    Оплатить счет

Clear an obstacle, английский

Clear and convincing evidence, испанский
    Standard of proof commonly used in civil lawsuits and in regulatory agency cases. it governs the amount of proof that must be offered in order for the plaintiff to win the case

Clear area, английский

Clear astern, английский
    Число позади

Clear away, английский

Clear car depth, английский

Clear car width, английский

Clear ceramic glaze, английский
    Said of an inseparable ceramic glaze that is firebonded and translucent or tinted with a lustrous finish. clearcole, clairecolle 1. a primer consisting of glue, water, and white lead or whiting. 2.a clear coating used in application of gold leaf. clay masonry unit 216 cleanout, 1: above: for cleaning pipe run; below: for a p-trap

Clear channel assessment, английский
    Оценка состояния канала

Clear check out status, английский
    Отмена статуса "check out"; разрешение изменения модуля

Clear confirmation delay, английский

Clear confirmation delay (clcd), английский

Clear contents of qbe grid, английский
    Очистка содержимого бланка (в qbe)

Original issue discount (oid), английский
    An amount by which the par value of a debt (usually a public security but also can be applicable to a leveraged loan) exceeds its offering price at the time of its original issuance. the original issue discount is usually amortised over the life of the de

Economic capital, английский
    Amount of capital required by banks to offset all expected potential losses.