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Original issue discount (oid)

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    An amount by which the par value of a debt (usually a public security but also can be applicable to a leveraged loan) exceeds its offering price at the time of its original issuance. the original issue discount is usually amortised over the life of the de

Applicable, английский
  1. Применимый

  2. Astm test, in which a selected species of untreated lumber has a designated value of 100, and noncombustible cementasbestos board has a value of 0. flame-spread rating a measurement of flame spread on the surface of a material (or an assemblage of materials) as determined by procedures described in the applicable code.

  3. Применимый; пригодный; приложимый

Monte carlo simulation, английский
    An analytical technique in which a large number of simulations are run using random quantities for uncertain variables and looking at the distribution of results to infer which values are most likely.

Clear market, английский
    An agreement by a borrower at the mandate stage of a syndicated loan not to engage in other public financings which could compete with the syndicated loan being arranged.