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Cross default

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    An event of default under a loan agreement triggered by a default in the payment of, or the actual or potential acceleration of the repayment of, other financial indebtedness of the same borrower or of any member of the borrower group.

Omissione incrociata, итальянский
    Clausola presente in un loan agreement, secondo cui, qualora il prenditore o un suo garante o una societa facente parte del suo gruppo, non onorino alla scadenza un impegno nei confronti di terzi, il contratto contenente detta clausola e da considerarsi r

Cros, английский

Crosby, английский

Crosby stills nash & young, русский

Crosette, английский

Crosier, английский

Crosier, staff, английский

Cross, французский
    The passing of two trains travelling in opposite directions at crossing loops on a single track.

Cross, английский
  1. Комплект оборудования для соединения (кроссировки) портов. в классическом варианте соединение линейной и станционной части телефонной системы. в общем случае - поле коммутации.

  2. An international organisation which provides mainly emergency medical help, but also relief to victims of earthquakes, floods and other disasters, or to prisoners of war. abbr icrc

  3. Скрещивать, пересекать

  4. To sail or steam across another vessel’s bow.

  5. —ply composite композит с перекрестным расположением волокон

Cross, английский
    The process of two trains meeting at crossing loops, while travelling in the opposite direction on single track.

Cross, английский

Cross, английский

Cross - timber in which the fibres deviate from a line parallel to the sides of the piece. cross grain may be either diagonal or spiral grain or a combination of the two., английский

Cross assembler, английский

Cross axis tracker error, английский

Cross bar, английский
  1. Rod used in draping or as a support brace.

  2. In a grating, one of the connecting bars which extend across bearing bars, usually perpendicular to them; where they intersect the bearing bars, they are welded, forged, or mechanically locked to them. cross, 3 crocket

Cross bar centers, английский
    In a metal grating, the distance between centers of the cross bars.

Cross batten, английский
    A batten, 2. cross beam, crossbeam 1. a large beam between two walls. 2. a girder that holds the sides of a building together. 3. any beam that crosses another. 4. a strut between the walings on opposite sides of an excavation. 5. a beam which runs transversely to the center line of a structure. 6. any transverse beam in a structure, such as a joist. cross-bedding in sedimentary rocks, inclined laminations or bedding which lends textural and color pattern to building stone of such material.

Cross bending, английский
    Поперечный изгиб cross-bridge traffic межсетевой трафик

Cross bike, английский

Cross bite, английский

Cross bond, английский
    A masonry bond in which courses

Acceleration, шведский

Intercreditor agreement, английский
    An intercreditor agreement sets out the agreement between various financiers providing loans or credits to a borrower and reconciles their different interests. it deals with the commercial behaviour of the parties and also the ranking of their debt and se

Facility fee, английский
    An annual percentage fee, payable by the borrower, pro-rata to banks providing a credit facility to that borrower - it is calculated on the full amount of the facility, whether or not the facility is utilized.