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Axe sheet

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    Key details of a syndicated transaction, covering name of borrower, type of facility, term of facility and pricing details.

Axe, французский

Axe, английский
  1. A tool with a bladed, usually heavy head mounted crosswise on a handle, used for felling trees or chopping wood

  2. A large flat edge-tool, for trimming and reducing timber. also an anglo-saxon word for ask, which seamen still adhere to, and it is difficult to say why a word should be thought improper which has descended from our earliest poets; it may have become obsolete, but without absolutely being vulgar or incorrect.

Axe de piste, французский

Axe to grind, английский
    Used in context of general equities. involvement in a security, whether through a position, order, or inquiry.

Axe-stone, английский

Axed arch, английский
    An arch which is constructed of bricks that have been roughly cut into a wedge shape. axed brick, rough-axed brick a brick, shaped with an ax, that has not been trimmed; when laid, the joints for such bricks are thicker than those for gauged brick. axed work (brit.) a hand-dressed stone surface showing toolmarks made by an ax, pick, or bushhammer.

Axel, шведский

Axel, английский

Axel springer verlag ag, английский

Axelrod, английский

Axenfeld, английский

Axensymmetrische biegung einer kreisplatte, немецкий

Axes, английский

Sheet, английский
  1. Ropes that control the sail position.

  2. Лист; слой

  3. A rope used to control the setting of a sail in relation to the direction of the wind.

  4. Шкот (трос для управления парусами), лист,

  5. A large piece of cloth which is put on a bed  the sheets must be changed each day.  the soiled sheets were sent to the hospital laundry.  draw-sheet

  6. Шкот - снасть бегучего такелажа, оттягивающая подветренную часть паруса или рангоутного дерева

  7. Простыня

  8. A line used to control a sail by pulling it in creasing it out.

  9. Шкот; выбирать шкот

  10. A rope or chain fastened to one or both the lower corners of a sail, to extend and retain the clue down to its place. when a ship sails with a side wind, the lower corners of the main and fore sails are fastened by a tack and a sheet, the former being to windward, and the latter to leeward; the tack is, however, only disused with a stern wind, whereas the sail is never spread without the assistance of one or both of the sheets; the staysails and studding-sails have only one tack and one sheet each; the staysail-tacks are fastened forward, and the sheets drawn aft; but the studding-sail tacks draw to the extremity of the boom, while the sheet is employed to extend the inner corner.

  11. A line attached to the corner of a sail and used to control its position.

Sheet, английский

Sheet, английский

Sheet, английский

Sheet, английский

Sheet air guide, английский

Sheet anchor, английский
    [1] a heavy anchor stowed well forward on the waist of sailing ships and used only in emergencies. one of a pair, the other being called the spare. [2] until the 1950s warships of cruiser size carried sheet anchors. [3] the term is sometimes used incorrectly for a bower.

Transaction, английский
  1. Любое событие в результате которого происходит изменение финансовой позиции организации в ходе её обычной работы. примером транзакции является осуществление покупки с помощью кредитной карты.

  2. (транзакция) соглашение между покупателем и продавцом, для продажи актива;

  3. Операция открытия/закрытия позиции.

  4. Экономическая операция (в снс; элементарный акт хозяйственной деятельности, совершаемый между хозяйственными единицами: производство, капиталовложения, потребление и др.; операции могут быть односторонними и двусторонними, капитальными и текущими, товарными и нетоварными, фактическими и условными, расчетными)

  5. A transaction is a digitally signed message authorizing some particular action associated with the blockchain. in a currency, the dominant transaction type is sending currency units or tokens to someone else; in other systems actions like registering domain names, making and fulfilling trade offers and entering into contracts are also valid transaction types.

Lcds, английский
    Loan credit default swaps. a product which is similar to cds but referenced against loans. this is a relatively new product and steps to standardise processes are being considered by market players. note: there are differing contracts for european and us

Bank for international settlements (bis), английский
    International organisation which fosters cooperation among central banks and other agencies in pursuit of monetary and financial stability. its banking services are provided exclusively to central banks and international agencies.