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Syndicated Loan Glossary
    Management buy out, occurs where managers and/or employees of a business acquire control over all, or part, of the business.

Management, английский
  1. Управление; руководство

  2. Управление, руководство

  3. 1) управление, руководство 2) администрация

  4. 1. the organising or running of an organisation such as a hospital, clinic or health authority 2. the organisation of a series of different treatments for a person

  5. Управление (деятельностью программы, организации)

  6. Лечение. в контексте клинических исследований слово «management» («управление») может иметь значение «лечение». например, diabetes management - лечение диабета. встречающийся термин: ведение

M&a, английский
    Merger and acquisition.

Lcds, английский
    Loan credit default swaps. a product which is similar to cds but referenced against loans. this is a relatively new product and steps to standardise processes are being considered by market players. note: there are differing contracts for european and us