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Material adverse change

Syndicated Loan Glossary
    Существенное неблагоприятное изменение

Mac, английский
  1. Mean aerodynamic chord

  2. Media access control - управление доступом к среде

  3. Media access control

  4. Multiplexed analog components. a system in which the components are time multiplexed

  5. Media access control: a quasi-unique identifier attached to most network adapters (nics). it is a number that acts like a name for a particular network adapter.

  6. Multiple-access channel

  7. Multiplexed analog component

  8. Machine-aided cognition

  9. Maintenance allocation chart

  10. Maintenance analysis center

  11. Major air command

  12. Malaysia air charter (company)

  13. Maximum allowable concentration

  14. Mcdonnell aircraft corporation

  15. Military aircraft command

  16. Military airlift command

  17. Missile advisory committee

  18. Monitor and control

  19. Multiple-access computer

  20. Machine automation control; mapping applications center (usgs); mineralogical assn. of canada; mapping advisory committee; mobile arctic caisson

  21. Refers to the intosh type of computers

  22. Multiplexed analog components. a system in which the components are time multiplexed into one channel using time domain techniques, i.e., the components are kept separate by being sent at different times through the same channel. there are many different formats and standards

  23. Refers to the macintosh computers. i.e. apple mac. macro

  24. The three-character iso 3166 country code for macau.

  25. Maximum acceptable concentration

  26. Mean aerodynamic chord (ahm)

  27. Medium access control (rmcde)

  28. Message for the abrogation of coordination (oldi)

  29. Midland and continental (route)

Mandated lead arranger, английский

Liffe, английский