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26 июня, 2019

Второй фестиваль Чехии в Москве

25 июня, 2019

Лингвистическая помощь: Какой корень у слова "вынуть"

25 июня, 2019

"Неперфектна азбука"

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Председатель context (ассоциации)

Глоссарий по педагогике и образованию (англо-русский)

    President, английский
    1. At a general court-martial it is usual for the authority ordering it to name the president, and the office usually falls upon the second in command.

    2. One of the american “super-frigates” which caused the royal navy so much grief during the war of 1812 was uss president. on 15th january 1815, she was captured by the british who commissioned her into the royal navy, making her the fourth british warship of that name. the fifth hms president was a 52-gun fourth-rate, built in 1829. in 1862 she became a drillship for the royal naval reserve (rnr), and was moored in the thames river next to london’s victoria embankment. in 1903 she was replaced at that location by a sloop, formerly hms buzzard, rechristened president to maintain continuity. she in turn was replaced in 1921 by hms saxifrage, also renamed president. saxifrage had been built in 1917 as a q-ship and is the last such vessel still in service. today she is the headquarters of the royal naval reserve medway division and also serves as a conference and entertainment center.

    Presidents, английский

    Президент context (совета председателей), русский