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Legal asset

Англо-итальянский финансовый глоссарий

    Bene in pagamento, итальянский
      Ogni tipo di bene utilizzabile per il pagamento di un debito.

    Asset, английский
    1. Any possession that has value in an exchange.

    2. Advanced systems synthesis and evaluation

    3. Aerothermodynamic structural systems

    4. Capacity ratios — коэффициент капиталомощно- сти; отношение капитала к мощности (стоимость единицы мощности)

    Asset (balance sheet), английский
      Актив (балансовый отчет)

    Asset account, английский
      Активный счет

    Asset accounting, английский
      Расчет активов - суммарные активы физического или юридического лица, отраженные в бухгалтерском балансе;

    Asset activity ratios, английский
      Ratios that measure how effectively the firm is managing its assets.

    Asset allocation, английский

    Asset allocation decision, английский

    Asset allocation mutual fund, английский
      A mutual fund that rotates among stocks, bonds, and money market securities to maximize return on investment and minimize risk.

    Asset and liability management, английский
      Управление активами и обязательствами

    Asset and liability matching, английский
      Сведение балансового отчета

    Asset backed security, английский

    Asset backed security (abs), английский
      A security which is supported by assets such as mortgages, car loans, credit card receivables, owned by the issuer of the security and usually placed with a trustee.

    Asset classes, английский
      Categories of assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and foreign securities.

    Asset coverage, английский

    Asset depreciation range system, английский
      A range of depreciable lives the irs allows for particular classes of assets.

    Asset exchanged at a loss (at a gain), английский

    Asset financing, английский

    Asset for asset swap, английский
      Creditors exchange the debt of one defaulting borrower for the debt of another defaulting borrower.

    Asset information management system, английский

    Asset life curve, английский
      Кривая распределения продолжительности функционирования капитала; кривая распределения продолжительности функционирования средств

    Asset management account, английский
      Account at a brokerage house, bank, or savings institution that integrates banking services and brokerage features.

    Bene in pagamento, итальянский
      Ogni tipo di bene utilizzabile per il pagamento di un debito.

    Bandiera, итальянский
      In analisi tecnica, e la configurazione grafica in cui il prezzo del bene oscilla diverse volte tra due livelli di supporto e resistenza oppure tra due linee di tendenza.