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Scroll compressor

Глоссарий терминов по кондиционерам (английский)
    A specially designed compressor that works in a circular motion vs. an up and down piston action.

Compressor, английский
  1. Compresseur;surpresseur

  2. A mechanical device that pressurizes a gas in order to turn it into a liquid, thereby allowing heat to be removed or added. a compressor is the main component of conventional heat pumps and air conditioners. in an air conditioning system, the compressor n

  3. Part of a split-system heat pump or air conditioner’s outdoor unit that controls the pressure applied to the refrigerant so that it can circulate. it plays a vital role in taking in heat to warm your home with a heat pump or getting rid of heat to keep yo

  4. In an air conditioner this is known as

  5. The compressor plays an integral role in cooling your home. it is the device responsible for pumping refrigerant through the refrigerant lines and the coil, making the transfer of heat from inside your house to the outdoors possible. rheem uses high-quali

  6. A device which converts mechanical force and motion into pneumatic fluid power.

  7. Компрессор

  8. A machine for compressing air or other gases which is a basic component in some refrigeration systems; draws vaporized refrigerant from the evaporator at a relatively low pressure, compresses it, and then discharges it to a condenser. compressor-type liquid chiller equipment utilizing a compressor, condensor, evaporator, controls, and accessories to cool water or other secondary liquid. compression coupling compression faucet

  9. A mechanism generally adopted afloat for facilitating the working of the large guns recently introduced; the gun-carriage is thus compressed to its slide or platform during the recoil, and set free again by the turn of a handle for running up. it is of various forms; one of the simpler kind used to be always applied to carronade slides.

  10. Система сжатия данных; компрессор

Compressor, английский

Compressor, английский

Compressor bleed (control), английский
    Управление отбором воздуха от компрессора двигателя

Compressor building, английский

Compressor contactor, английский

Compressor coupling, английский

Compressor discharge manifold, английский

Compressor discharge pressure, английский
    Давление на выходе компрессора

Compressor discharge temperature, английский
    Температура на выходе компрессора 147

Compressor exhaust routes, английский

Compressor inlet temperature, английский
    Температура на входе в компрессор

Compressor inlet variable camber vanes, английский
    Регулируемые лопатки входного направляющего аппарата

Compressor motor, английский

Compressor program, английский
    Программа уплотнения

Compressor research facility, английский
    Установка для исследования компрессоров реактивных двигателей

Compressor shaft seal, английский

Compressor station, английский

Compressor suction manifold, английский

Compressors, английский

Compressors battery isolator, английский

Upflow air conditioner, английский
    A type of air conditioning system that discharges air into the conditioned space through a top-mounted discharge plenum or an overhead duct system.

Thermidistat, английский
    A sophisticated, programmable thermostat that senses the outdoor temperature, indoor air temperature, and indoor relative humidity. a built-in microprocessor determines the most efficient way to achieve ideal comfort.