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Absolute viscosity

Глоссарий терминов в отоплении и вентиляции
  1. Абсолютная вязкость

  2. A term used interchangeably with viscosity to distinguish it from either kinematic viscosity or commercial viscosity. absolute viscosity is the ratio of shear stress to shear rate. it is a fluid`s internal resistance to flow. the common unit of absolute viscosity is the poise. absolute viscosity divided by fluid density equals kinematic viscosity. it is occasionally referred to as dynamic viscosity. absolute viscosity and kinematic viscosity are expressed in fundamental units. commercial viscosity such as saybolt viscosity is expressed in arbitrary units of time, usually seconds.

Абсолютная вязкость, русский

Absolute, английский
  1. An absolute is the most potent aromatic product made from a base product. it differs from an essential oil in that it’s produced through an extraction process that uses volatile solvents. the extracted solid material is then combined with alcohol to produ

  2. Абсолютный (о величине); теоретический (о потолке самолета); истинный (о высоте)

  3. Абсолютный

  4. Anything free from conditions.—absolute equations, the sum of the optic and eccentric equation, or the anomalies arising from a planet`s not being equally distant from the earth at all times, and its motion not being uniform.—absolute gravity is the whole force with which a body tends downwards.

Absolute, латинский

Absolute (dimension measuring) system, английский
    Абсолютная система отсчета (координат или перемещений)

Absolute - the amount of moisture in air. it is usually expressed as the weight of water vapour in a unit weight of dry air, английский

Absolute address, английский

Absolute addressing, английский
    Абсолютная адресация; истинная адресация

Absolute advantage, английский
    A person, company or country has an absolute advantage if its output per unit of input of all goods and services produced is higher than that of another person, company or country. absolute form of purchasing power parity. a theory that prices of products

Absolute advantage, английский
    When one country can produce a good more cheaply than another, it has an absolute advantage. typical examples include japan and cars and france and wine.

Absolute alcohol, английский
    Alcohol which contains no water

Absolute altimeter, английский

Absolute altitude, английский
    The measureable height of an aircraft above the actual terrain.

Absolute assembler, английский
    Абсолютный ассемблер

Absolute bar, английский
    Абсолютное препятствие; установленное законом препятствие (например, выдаче патента)

Absolute bearing, английский
    The bearing of an object in relation to north. either true bearing, using the geographical or true north, or magnetic bearing, using magnetic north. see also bearing and relative bearing.

Absolute binary code, английский

Absolute black, английский
    Абсолютно черное тело; абсолютно черный цвет

Absolute block working, английский
    A system of controlling traffic where (under normal operations) only one train is allowed in the block section at a time.

Absolute block working, английский
    Means that only one train or a maximum of three on track machines with only one qualified employee in charge shall be in the block section at one time

Absolute ceiling, английский
  1. The maximum altitude above sea level at which an aircraft can maintain level flight under standard air conditions.

  2. Теоретический потолок (л а)

Absolute code, английский
    Машинный код; абсолютный код

Absolute coding, английский
    Абсолютное кодирование; кодирование в абсолютных адресах

Distinguish, английский
    Отличать; различать; различаться

Commercial, английский

Resistance, английский
  1. Property of a conductor that opposed the current flow produced by a given difference of potential. the ohm is the practical unit of resistance.

  2. Уровень сопротивления - уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению;

  3. Сопротивление (параметр)

  4. Сопротивление

  5. Сопротивление, т. е. уровень цен, при котором активные продажи могут приостановить или развернуть тенденцию к повышению.

  6. 1. the ability of a person not to get a disease 2. the ability of bacteria or a virus to remain unaffected by a drug  the bacteria have developed a resistance to certain antibiotics. 3. opposition to a force

  7. Resistencia

  8. Устойчивость; резистентность resource for child health (reach)

  9. Устойчивость; резистентность

  10. The property of opposing movement, for example [1] electrical conductors offer resistance to the flow of electricity and dissipate some of its energy, usually as heat. [2] water resists the movement of vessels or other objects by parasitic drag, consuming some of the power available to drive the vessel forward.

Fundamental, английский
    A основной; ко- ренной; базисный, главный, существенный frequency fusing a использующий фузию

Абсолютная вязкость, русский

Абсолютная влажность, русский
    , количество водяного пара, содержащегося в 1 м3 воздуха. измеряется в граммах.