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Modulating furnaces

Глоссарий по газовому и отопительному оборудованию
    Furnaces are designed to deliver maximum heat for comfort on the coldest of days. in most cases, those days account for fewer than three percent of winter days. the rest of the time, your furnace is providing more heat than necessary. because conventional

Furnace, английский
  1. Fourneau

  2. The part of a heating system which converts gas, oil, electricity or other fuel into heat for distribution within a structure.

  3. The part of an environmental system that converts natural gas, oil, electricity, or other fuel into heat for distribution within a structure

  4. The fire-place of a marine boiler.

  5. An enclosed place in which heat is produced by the combustion of fuel.

  6. Device used for heating or cross-1 in king of the pow­der by means of different energy sources (electric, gas, oil, infrared)

Furnace, английский

Furnace, английский

Furnace arc steelmaking, английский

Furnace bracing [framework], английский

Furnace brazing, английский

Furnace bridge, английский

Furnace cadmium, английский

Furnace capacity, английский

Furnace charger, английский

Furnace clinker, английский

Furnace coil, английский

Furnace coke, английский

Furnace construction, английский

Furnace conveyor, английский

Furnace fuel oil, английский
    Топочный мазут

Furnace gas, английский
    Печной [топочный] газ. газообразное топливо (как правило, низкоколорийное), используемое в печах обжига, сушилках и т.п.

Furnace holding-the-iron, английский

Furnace linings, английский

Furnace losing-the-iron, английский

Furnace magnesite, английский

Conventional, английский
  1. Обычный (об оружии)

  2. Обычный (напр. об оружии)

  3. A конвенциональный3; узуальный metaphor, norm

  4. Обычный; общепринятый; стандартный

Package unit, английский
    Equipment in which all heating and cooling components are located in one cabinet. installed either beside or on top of a home or business.

Indoor coils, английский
    Split-system home comfort systems use two main components to deliver air for a comfortable living environment. the indoor coil is the device responsible for transferring heat from indoors to the outdoors (or the reverse in the case of a heat pump in heati