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Bookmarking site

Глоссарий по SEO - оптимизации сайта
    Сайт закладок

Bookmark, английский
  1. Сервисная функция в программах gopher и lynx, позволяющая на следующем сеансе сразу попасть в нужное и уже однажды посещенное место

  2. Закладка; электронная закладка

Bookmarkable, английский
    Indication of worthwhileness of bookmarking a website. example a quick scan indicates that your site is bookmarkable.

Bookmarked location, английский
    Место (в документе), отмеченное закладкой

Site, английский
  1. Satellite instructional television experiment

  2. Spacecraft instrumentation test equipment

  3. The origination site is the location from which video and/or audio is transmitted and uplinked in a teleconference. receive transmission from the origination site.

  4. 1. the position of something  the x-ray showed the site of the infection. 2. the place where something happened 3. the place where an incision is to be made in a surgical operation  verb to put something in a particular place, or be in a particular place  the infection is sited in the right lung. (note: siting – sited) ‘…arterial thrombi have a characteristic structure: platelets adhere at sites of endothelial damage and attract other platelets to form a dense aggregate’ [british journal of hospital medicine] ‘…the sublingual site is probably the most acceptable and convenient for taking temperature’ [nursing times] ‘…with the anaesthetist’s permission, the scrub nurse and surgeon began the process of cleaning up the skin round the operation site’ [natnews]

  5. A place in the body where bleeding is taking place

  6. Строительная площадка, объект, место выполнения работ

Site, английский

Site (computer), английский
    Сайт, страница в интернете (компьютер)

Site acceptance test, английский

Site accessibility, английский

Site activation task force, английский
    Оперативная группа ввода в строй стартовых комплексов

Site analysis services, английский
    Those services, provided by an architect or his consultant, that are necessary to establish site-related limitations and requirements for the project; for example,

Site assembly, английский

Site assessment, английский
    Оценка исследовательского центра. оценка условий и возможностей для проведения клинического исследования в данном лечебном учреждении.

Site assessment visit, английский

Site assessment visit (sav), английский
    Визит для оценки исследовательского центра. визит до начала клинического исследования с целью оценить, подходит ли центр для участия в нем. синонимы: site evaluation visit (sev), site selection visit (ssv).

Site audit, английский
    Аудит исследовательского центра.

Site cast, английский

Site characteristics, английский
    The distinguishing physical characteristics of a site, including area, shape, soil and ground conditions, typography, and access to the site. site drainage 1. a piping network installed below grade which conveys rainwater (or other wastes) to a point of disposal, such as a public sewer. 2. the water that is drained off. site-foamed insulation thermal insulation which is foamed in place at the building site.

Site check, английский

Site class, английский
  1. Classification based on ecological factors and the potential production capacity of an area; a measure of the relative production capacity of a site (17).

  2. Classification of forest land in terms of its inherent capacity to grow crops of industrial wood. expressed in cubic- foot growth per acre per year.

Site co-ordination centre, английский
    A facility, incorporating communications, provided on an incident site as required by the incident management co-ordinator.

Branding link, английский
    Брендинговая ссылка (ссылка, в которой указывается имя сайта)

Blogging platform, английский