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Cloaked spam

Глоссарий по SEO - оптимизации сайта
    Замаскированный спам

Cloak, английский

Cloak rail, английский
    On a closet wall, a board on which hooks are attached for hanging clothes. cloakroom 1. a room for the deposit or checking of outer clothing. 2. a small lounge outside a

Cloak-room, английский

Cloak-room, английский

Cloak; layer, английский

Cloaked utility, английский
    "укрываемая" утилита

Cloaking scheme, английский
    Схема "укрывания"

Spam, английский
    Ship position and attitude measurement

Spambled eggs, английский
    Scrambled eggs with little chunks of fried spam in it. example i had spambled eggs for breakfast and they were delicious.

Spammenot, английский
    N. something added to an e-mail address in order to prevent spammers from harvesting e-mails from sites. usually a word or phrase in all caps inserted into a normal e-mail address. example i decided to use a spammenot to cut down the e-mails i got to my hotmail account.

Spamming, английский

Spammish, английский
    1. the language of spam. 2. spam written in spanish. example i immediately deleted an email that was all in spammish.

Spammy link, английский

Spammy site, английский

Spams, английский
    Ship position and attitude measurement system

Spamtastic, английский
    Something that is fantastic in an early 1990s sort of way. example wow, that album by east 17 is very spamtastic.

Замаскированный, русский

Competitive keyword, английский
    Высококонкурентное ключевое слово

Child page, английский
    Дочерняя страница