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28 ноября, 2018

Lettland - den tysta introverta nationen.

07 мая, 2015

Könsneutralt pronomen har blivit med i Sveriges officiella ordlista

10 декабря, 2012

"Kasjtanka" var berättad till svenska barn

30 ноября, 2012

Svenska språket kommer inte bytas till ryska i finska skolor

14 сентября, 2010

В Швеции в Стокгольмском университете пройдет двухдневный Фестиваль метафор.

06 сентября, 2010

В Швеции иммигранты, овладевшие шведским языком в совершенстве, получат денежные премии

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Len, slat

    Smooth, английский
    1. Главный; ровный, гладкий

    2. A cornish term applied when the surf abates its fury for a short space. also, the lee of a ship or of a rock.

    3. The vibration-free rotation of a drill stem.

    4. A dull diamond bit.

    Гладкий, русский
    1. Противоположность понятию грубый. различают гладкую и грубую руки.

    2. Гладкий , безукоризненный, лысый, льстивый, ровный, согласный, стройный, толстый , взятки гладки

    Gl'adkl, польский

    Smooth, английский

    Slat, английский
    1. A dollar, a buck. example the tab was 12 dollars. i threw down a double sawbuck which left her with a fin and 3 slats for a tip.

    2. Spacecraft location/attitude tape

    3. A thin, narrow strip of wood or metal, as in a window blind.

    Slat back chair, английский
      A chair with vertical and wide supports.

    Slat window, английский

    Slate, английский
    1. A naturally laminated rock that is often used in regular and irregular shapes embedded in cement or mortar to create a hard-surface, pattern floor.

    2. The material (usually machined metamorphic rock slate) beneath the table cloth providing the base for the playing surface

    3. Small lightweight altitude transmission

    4. A hard, brittle metamorphic rock consisting mainly of clay minerals, characterized by good cleavage along parallel planes; used extensively as dimension stone in thin sheets for flooring, roofing, panels (both decorative and electrical), and chalkboard, and in granular form as surfacing on composition roofing. slate-and-a-half slate slate having the same length, but 11?2 times the width, of the slate used elsewhere on a roof.

    Slate, английский

    Slate (noun), английский

    Slate (verb), английский

    Slate ax, английский
      A sax. slate batten, slate lath, tile batten a batten on which slates or tiles are hung; nailed horizontally across common rafters or counter battens.

    Slate batten., английский

    Slate batten. tileboard 1. a wallboard used for interior finishing; usually a base sheet material overlaid with a hard, glossy decorative facing to simulate tile. 2. square or rectangular boards, usually made of compressed wood or vegetable fibers, often, английский

    Slate black, английский
      A mineral black obtained by grinding black slate.

    Slate boarding, английский
      Close boarding on which roofing slates or tiles are set.

    Slate club, английский

    Slate cramp, английский
      A dovetail-shaped heavy slate, wedged at a joint between two stones to bind them together.

    Slate ground (dark schistous clay), английский

    Slate hanging, английский
      Slate, usually in the form of shingles, that is hung vertically, or nearly so, on the face of an exterior wall to prevent the penetration of rainfall.

    Slate knife, английский

    Slate lath, английский

    Slate nail, английский

    Slate powder, английский
      A very fine powder obtained by pulverizing slate; used in paint as a dark-extender pigment.

    Wet, английский

    Slo, шведский