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Activated reactive evaporation

Глоссарий терминов используемых в оптике и оптоэлектроннике

    Are, английский
    1. Activated reactive evaporation

    2. Aircraft reactor experiment

    3. Apollo reliability engineering

    4. An a equal to 100 sq m. area 1. measurement of surface within specified boundaries. 2. space either within or outside a structure or location, designated for a specific purpose, as recreation and/or parking area. 3. an uninterrupted interior space. 4. an areaway. 5. the cross-sectional area of steel reinforcement.

    5. The archaism for oar (which see). a measure of land in france containing 100 square metres.

    Biased activated reactive evaporation, английский

    Annealed proton exchange, английский