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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Bituminous cement

Глоссарий по нефтепереработке
    A black substance available in solid, semisolid, or liquid states at normal temperatures; composed of mixed indeterminate hydrocarbons; appreciably soluble only in carbon disulfide or other volatile liquid hydrocarbon; esp. used in sealing built-up roofing and between joints and in cracks of concrete pavements.

Битумная мастика, русский

Bituminous binder, английский

Bituminous coating, английский
    An asphalt or tar compound used to provide a protective finish for a surface.

Bituminous concrete, английский

Bituminous distributor, английский
    Atruck equipped with a tank body and with a system for pumping hot tar, road oil, or other bituminous material through a perforated spray bar at the rear; used to lay down a surface coating of the bituminous material.

Bituminous emulsion, английский
    A suspension of minute globules of bituminous material in water (or of minute globules of water in a liquid bituminous material); used as a protective coating against weather, esp. where appearance is not important. bituminized fiber pipe

Bituminous felt, английский

Bituminous grout, английский
    A mixture of bituminous material and aggregate such as sand; liquefies when heated; suitable for pouring in joints or cracks as a sealant; cures in air. bituminous hot-mix any pavement, having asphalt as the binder, which is laid while hot.

Bituminous mastic, английский

Bituminous mix(ture), английский

Bituminous oil, английский

Bituminous paint, английский
    A low-cost paint containing asphalt or coal tar, a thinner, and drying oils; used to waterproof concrete and to protect piping where bleeding of the asphalt is not a problem.

Bituminous varnish, английский
    A dark-colored varnish (either of the oil or spirit type) that contains bituminous ingredients.

Bituminous waterproofing, английский
    A waterproofing material such as tar. bivalate, bivallate in military architecture, a pair of defensive ditches and earth embankments, usually concentric, that surround a mound or medieval fort. bk sh on drawings, abbr. for “book shelves.” bl on drawings, abbr. for building line. b/l abbr. for “bill of lading.” b-labeled door a door carrying a certification

Bituminous [asphaltic] concrete, английский

Cement, английский
  1. Ciment

  2. The gray powder that is the "glue" in concrete. portland cement. also, any adhesive.

  3. 1. an adhesive used in dentistry to attach a crown to the base of a tooth 2. same as cementum

  4. A portland used for orchestra circle 684 an arch of two orders, 3, each having its carved hood molding doric order, 2 general construction which is produced without any of the special distinguishing qualities imparted to other types. oregon pine common douglas fir.

  5. A used in general construction where moderate heat of hydration is required.

  6. Generally, ordinary builders cement of a finely ground, hydroalumina, calcium silicate that, when mixed with water, sets or changes from a heavy liquid into a hard, rocklike substance.

  7. To place cement in a borehole to seal off caves or fissures or to fill cavities or caverns encountered in the process of drilling boreholes.

  8. Material, usually calcareous, siliceous, or ferru ginous that binds together fragmented particles of rock.

  9. Quicksetting. see quicksetting cement.

Cement, английский

Cement, английский

Cement, шведский

Cement (grinding) mill, английский

Cement apposition, английский

Indeterminate, английский
    Не определено

Hydrocarbons, английский
    Compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen. petroleum consists chiefly of hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbon, английский

Temperatur, немецкий

Блок (аэс), русский

Битумная мастика, русский