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Picking zone

Глоссарий складской терминологии

    Зона отбора, русский

    Pick, английский
    1. A hand tool used for loosening and breaking up closely compacted soil and rock; consists of a steel head which usually is curved, with a point on one or both ends, mounted on a wooden handle. pick and dip, eastern method, new england method a method of laying brick whereby the bricklayer simultaneously picks up a brick with one hand and, with the other hand, enough mortar on a trowel to lay the brick.

    2. A rare form of presenile dementia, in which a disorder of the lipoid metabolism causes mental impairment, anaemia, loss of weight and swelling of the spleen and liver

    Pick, английский

    Pick an object, английский
      Выбрать объект pickbox1. блок выбора; 2. курсор выбора

    Pick button, английский
      Кнопка выбора

    Pick device, английский
      Устройство указания

    Pick dressing, английский
      The first rough dressing of hard quarried stone by use of a heavy pick or wedgeshaped hammer.

    Pick force operated valve, английский

    Pick list, английский
    1. A list, typically generated by a computer, of what items need to be picked to fulfil an order

    2. Список выбора pick-to-pick amplitude двойная амплитуда

    Pick penetration, английский

    Pick point, английский
      A location on the ceiling of an auditorium from which a banner, microphone, scenic element, or the like may be supported and lowered as required.

    Pick spacing, английский

    Pick up a wind, to, английский
      Traverses made by oceanic voyagers; to run from one trade or prevalent wind to another, with as little intervening calm as possible.

    Pick up and delivery, английский

    Pick up and knit, английский
      Набрать лицевые петли по краю вязания

    Pick up and purl, английский
      Набрать изнаночные петли по краю вязания

    Pick up element, английский

    Pick up, cast on, английский
      Набрать петли

    Pick(-)up, английский

    Pick-off attachment, английский

    Pick-out position, английский
      Разжим (захватного устройства)

    Pick-up, английский

    Зона отбора, русский

    Picking, английский