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Underpotential adsorption

Глоссарий терминов по электрохимии и коррозии

    Адсорбция в условиях недонапряиения, русский

    Adsorptio, финский

    Adsorption, английский
    1. Adhesion of the molecules of gases, liquids, or dissolved substances to a solid surface, resulting in relatively high concentration of the molecules at the place of contact; e.g. the plating out of an anti-wear additive on metal surfaces.

    2. The action of a material in extracting a substance from the atmosphere (or a mixture of gases and liquids) and gathering it on the surface in a condensed layer; the process is not accompanied by physical or chemical change.

    3. The attachment of one substance to another, often the bonding of a liquid with a gas or vapour which touches its surface

    4. Адсорбция

    Adsorption bed, английский

    Adsorption dehumidifier, английский

    Adsorption film, английский

    Adsorption hygrometer, английский

    Adsorption impedance, английский

    Adsorption noise, английский

    Adsorption potential shift, английский

    Adsorption refrigerating plant (system), английский

    Adsorption water, английский

    Adsorptionsenthalpie, немецкий
      Энтальпия адсорбция

    Adsorptionsimpedanz, немецкий
      Процессами адсорбции

    Adsorptionspolarisation, немецкий
      Адсорбции на электроде

    Adsorptionsuberspannung, немецкий
      Процессом адсорбции на электроде

    Adsorptionswelle, немецкий
      Процессами адсорбции на электроде

    Adsorptive filtration, английский
      The attraction to, and retention of particles in, a filter medium by electrostatic forces, or by molecular attraction between the particles and the medium.

    Adsorptoida, финский

    Адсорбция в условиях недонапряиения, русский