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24 апреля, 2019

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Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Command acquisition and trian- gulation

Словарь терминов и сокращений в авиации
    (system) система приема команд и триангуляции

Cat, английский
  1. A small domesticated carnivore, felis domestica or felis catus, bred in a number of varieties

  2. I catalyst

  3. Category (e.g. cat-5 cable)

  4. Cadmium triallyd thiource

  5. Carburetor air temperature

  6. Catalog

  7. Catalyst

  8. Catalytic

  9. Catapult

  10. Catapult takeoff

  11. Category

  12. Celestial atomic trajectile

  13. Centralized automatic testing

  14. Civil air transport

  15. Clear air turbulence

  16. Closest approach time

  17. Command acquisition and trian- gulation

  18. Commercial airlift contract

  19. Component acceptance test

  20. Compressed-air tunnel

  21. Computer assisted thermography

  22. 1. to prepare an anchor, after raising it by lifting it with a tackle to the cat head, prior to securing (fishing) it alongside for sea. (an anchor raised to the cat head is said to be catted.)

  23. A roll of straw and clay; used as filling between timbers in a wall. catabasis, catabasion

  24. Same as computerised axial tomography

  25. Common assessment tool

  26. Кэт (тип вооружения); катамаран (разг.)

  27. A ship formed on the norwegian model, and usually employed in the coal and timber trade. these vessels are generally built remarkably strong, and may carry six hundred tons; or in the language of their own mariners, from 20 to 30 keels of coals. a cat is distinguished by a narrow stern, projecting quarters, a deep waist, and no ornamental figure on the prow.

  28. [1] to raise an anchor to forecastle level at the cathead. [2] the cat-o’-nine-tails. [3] slang for an aircraft carrier’s catapult. [4] a floating platform to keep the ship away from a jetty. contraction of “catamaran” and preferred over “camel” by the rn. [5] also in the rn, a “paint cat” is a floating platform with a variable scaffolding tower used in painting a ship’s side.

Commercial airlift contract, английский
    Контракт на коммерческие воздушные перевозки

Closest approach time, английский
    Время наикратчайшего сближения