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11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

29 января, 2019

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Поиск в глоссариях:  

The entombment

    Положение во гроб, русский

    The, английский
    1. The as in the word *the* but with quotes, the. vernacular-punctuative distinction placed on the noun preceded by article; when spoken, emphasis is simply placed on article rather than noun. example example i went to see the kate the other day. variants i went to see the kate the other day. i went to see the kate the other day.

    2. American national standards institute, ansi) defined the asa system for rating the speed sensitivity of photographic emulsions; now superseded by the iso system.

    3. Americans with disabilities act, an environment containing no barriers, 2. barrow 1.a wheelbarrow. 2. an elongated artificial mound protecting a prehistoric chamber tomb or passage grave.

    4. Bible. also called a cross-and-bible door.

    5. British standards institution; each standard

    6. Certified ballast manufacturers association. certified ballast manufacturers association an independent organization of fluorescent lamp ballast manufacturers.

    7. Classical period of french architecture,

    8. Corinthian order and less heavy in appearance

    9. Craftsman style, developed in california between about 1905 and the 1920s, exemplified

    10. Craftsman style. in particular, excellent craftsmanship and superior detailing was embraced in the designs of the architects charles sumner greene (1868–1957) and his

    11. Decorated style of english gothic architecture, in the first half of the 14th cent., characterized by the geometrical forms of its window tracery.

    12. Decorated style of english gothic architecture, in the second half of the 14th cent.

    13. Decorated style, and occasionally used in

    14. East indies; black with red or brown streaks; used for decorative paneling and applications requiring high-impact or wear resistance.

    15. Epistles. 2. in contemporary balkan or greek churches, a large pulpit or reading desk. ambo, 1

    16. Etruscan people in western central italy from the 8th century b.c. until their conquest

    17. Eucharistic wafer may be displayed.

    18. French first empire (1804–1815).

    19. Italian renaissance and subsequent styles

    20. Italianate style. bracketing 1. any system of brackets. 2. an arrangement of wooden brackets employed as a skeleton support to plasterwork, moldings, or other plaster ornamental details.

    21. Middle ages, a small, emergency defense structure, generally a low, fortified tower, usable as a dwelling place. peeling 1. a process in which thin flakes of mortar are broken away from a concrete surface,

    22. Navajo indians of american southwest; typically has a framework constructed of logs, poles, branches, and sticks that is covered with a layer of bark and then a thick layer of mud or sod. a smoke hole, centered at the top of the structure, provides light and carries off fumes and smoke from an open firepit located directly below; there are no windows. hog-backed cambered; applied esp. to the ridge of a roof which appears to sag in the middle. hoggin 1. a graded gravel (or the like) used as a base for paths, sidewalks, roads, etc. 2. a mixture of gravel and sand with clay.

    23. Nerlands. cibs abbr. for “chartered institution of building services.” cie abbr. for “commission internationale de l’eclairage” (international commission on illumination).

    24. Philippines and new guinea, having shades of gray, green, yellow, brown, and pink with dark streaks; moderately hard, heavy; used for cabinets, plywood, and interior finish.

    25. Roman opus vermiculatum; tesserae are arranged in curved, waving lines, as required by the shading of the design. vermiculated work 1. a form of masonry surface, incised with wandering, discontinuous grooves resembling worm tracks. 2. a type of ornamental work consisting of winding frets or knots in mosaic pavements, resembling the tracks of worms.

    26. Romanesque style, chiefly in public buildings, churches, railroad terminals, and universities designed from 1840 to 1880. buildings in richardsonian romanesque

    27. South); often supported by columns or posts.

    28. Spanish conquest in 16th cent., particularly fortified towns with massive stonework.

    29. Temple of artemis at ephesus, hanging gardens of babylon, colossus at rhodes,

    30. Turkish empire.

    31. Vicat apparatus in accordance with a specified method.

    32. American south for a sidewalk. 5.

    The, английский

    The (books of) prophecy, английский

    The *noun* fairy, английский
      Mythical being that is responsible for the delivery of an object which is obviously too ludicrous to have been delivered by said being. in reference to the tooth fairy. example i was a good little girl and the piano fairy brought me a brand new steinway.

    The *noun* gnomes, английский
      Mythical beings responsible for the malfunction or disappearance of the object mentioned. example a. my computer keeps giving me a blue screen. b. the computer gnomes must be chewing on your cables.

    The 1957 treaty of rome, provides for the associate status of these countries or territories and this association provided the bases for the future eu development 20, английский
      Заморских государств и территорий, имеющих особые отношения с одним из членов ес согласно римскому договору 1957 г., этим государствам и территориям предоставлен ассоциативный статус данные ассоциации являются базой для политики ес в policy сфере развития

    The action (or undergoing the state of being) of the verb and when the action (or, английский

    The action, canon of the mass, anaphora, английский

    The acts of apostles, английский

    The acts of the apostles, английский

    The addition of the adjective, английский
      Early is intended to

    The adoration of the child, английский

    The adoration of the holy cross, английский

    The adoration of the magi, английский

    The adoration of the shepherds, английский

    The advent (season), английский

    The advent, descent of the holy spirit, английский

    The advent, the second coming, parousia, английский

    The advent, сoming, английский

    The aerial reconnaissance archives (uk), английский

    The aformost or after part of a ship, английский

    Положение во гроб, русский

    Конец света, русский