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23 октября, 2019

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Масса вертолета с полными топливными баками

Глоссарий по вертолетной технике

    Basic weight plus fuel, wet weight, английский

    Battery, английский
    1. Illegal beating or physical violence or control of a person without their permission. (compare with assault.) agresion

    2. Батарея

    3. Аккумуляторная батарея

    4. A place whereon cannon, mortars, &c., are or may be mounted for action. it generally has a parapet for the protection of the gunners, and other defences and conveniences according to its importance and objects. (see also floating battery.) also, a company of artillery. in field-artillery it includes men, guns (usually six in the british service), horses, carriages, &c., complete for service.

    5. [1] two or more artillery pieces of the same caliber, or used for a shared purpose (e.g., anti-aircraft). [2] the entire armament of a warship. [3] a set of interconnected galvanic cells capable of holding an electrical charge and providing a source of supplementary energy (e.g., in a diesel-engined submarine).

    6. A number of similar machines or similar pieces of equipment placed side by side on a single or separate base and operated by means of common connections as a unit. compare bank

    7. A blasting machine.

    Wind speed and direction, английский
      Скорость и направление ветра

    Basic weight plus fuel, wet weight, английский

    Маслосистема, система смазки, русский