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Printing Glossary
    The concorra process is a technique that is used in the cut and crease process to create a superior visual effect to perforation and create an easy-open feature. partial cuts are offset on either side of the carton to form an easy open tear strip. it provides cleaner tear than perforations.

Perforation, английский
  1. Running a series of cuts (often very small and close together) into board to allow the two sides to be separated.

  2. A hole through the whole thickness of a tissue or membrane such as the intestine or eardrum

  3. Перфорирования; перфорация; пробивка

Corner radius, английский
  1. Radius dimension of the corners of the label. the normal radius used is 1.5mm / 2mm.

  2. Радиус округления вершины (режущего инструмента)

  3. The radius that determines how much, if any, the corner of a rectangular object is actually curved or rounded-off’.’

Composite sheet, английский
    There are two types of composite sheet the most common is where two or more products from one customers range are printed on the same sheet. this can provide good cost savings, but has to be carefully managed to prevent mixed product. the second type is where two or more components of a job (for example a lid and a base) are both produced on the same sheet.