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Fsc (forest stewardship council)

Printing Glossary
    The forest stewardship council is a global organisation that is dedicated towards promoting responsible forestry.

Stewardship, английский
    An ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources. the concept of stewardship has been applied in diverse realms, including with respect to environment, economics, health, property, information, and religion and is linked to the concept of sustainability.

Organisation, английский
  1. An owner or an operator, or a person or a body that is both owner and operator.

  2. 1. a group of people set up for a particular purpose 2. the planning or arranging of something  the organisation of the rota 3. the way in which the component parts of something are arranged

  3. Организационная структура (компании)

Responsible, английский

Glassine, английский
  1. This is the most commonly used liner for both paper and filmic face materials.

  2. Бумага, изготовляемая из целлюлозы при соответствующем увлажнении и суперкаландрировании.

Four-up, three-up, two–up, английский
    Number of similar items printed on one sheet of board.