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16 мая, 2024

Translating UMI-CMS based website

19 апреля, 2024

Translations in furniture production

07 февраля, 2024

Ghostwriting vs. Copywriting

30 января, 2024

Preparing a scientific article for publication in an electronic (online) journal

20 декабря, 2023

Translation and editing of drawings in CAD systems

10 декабря, 2023

About automatic speech recognition

30 ноября, 2023

Translation services for tunneling shields and tunnel construction technologies

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Leading edge / copy position

Printing Glossary
    Copy position of the label text as it is being dispensed on the customer’s line

Lean manufacturing, английский
  1. A manufacturing management philosophy that places emphasis on removing the wasteful use of materials. any expenditure that doesn`t contribute directly to the creation of value is eliminated.

  2. A philosophy in which manufactuaring operations promote lean production flows and business activities.

Kraft board, английский
    Coated natural kraft (cnk) provides the best combination of product protection and brand impression. carefully engineered from hardworking natural and recyled fibres, kraft board provides high levels of elasticity and high tear resistance and can meet high demands of strength and durability.