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Linerless labels

Printing Glossary
    As per self adhesive, linerless labels supplied on a reel for automatic application. they are most commonly used on fresh meat & poultry products as replacement for sleeves.

Label, английский
  1. A piece of paper or card attached to an object or person for identification  verb to attach a label to an object  the bottle is labelled ‘poison’. (note: labelling – labelled. the us spellings are labeling – labeled.)

  2. N 1 ярлык; 2 помета (в словаре ) technique labeled и labelled

  3. Метка. см. tracer — индикатор, трейсер.

Label, английский

Label, английский

Label, немецкий
  1. Etikett, markenaufkleber, beschriftung, auch schallplatten-/cd-marke.

  2. In der mode bezeichnung für sichtbare marke

Label (to) (to), английский

Label block, английский

Label course, английский
    A course, 1 of bricks around the exterior perimeter of the visible face of an arch; placed so as to throw off rainwater that would otherwise run down the face of the wall. labeled 1. carrying an identification of a recognized testing laboratory which certifies the results of appropriate fire tests conducted on essentially identical materials or construction, as a labeled door, labeled frame, or labeled window. 2. according to the nec, materials or equipment carrying an identifying label, symbol, or other identifying mark of an organization that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. the label indicates compliance with appropriate standards or performance in a specified manner.

Label definition, английский
    Определение меток label designer конструктор этикеток; дизайнер этикеток labeled block помеченный блок; блок с меткой labeled button помеченная командная кнопка labeled common block помеченный общий блок labeled descriptor меченый дескриптор

Label field, английский
    Поле метки

Label identifier, английский
    Метка; идентификатор метки

Label indistinguishable sequences pi,, английский
    Последовательности состояний с совпадающими смежными классами -45 2 . 1 ад1ead digital phase lock loop цифровой контур фагтч с различением опережения и отставания фазы входного сигнала в таком контуре фазовый детектор определяет, опережает входной сигнал опорный сигнал, поступающий от генератора с цифровым управлением, или отстает от него см. digital phase lock 1 оор

Label information, английский
    Информация о метках

Label information area, английский
    Область информации о метках

Label information cylinder, английский
    Цилиндр информации о метках; цилиндр меток

Label information statement, английский
    Оператор информации о метках

Label integrity, английский
    Меточная целостность

Label localization, английский
    Локализация меток

Label n, английский

Label name, английский
    Имя метки

Label number, английский
    Номер метки

Label parameter, английский
    Параметр метки

Application, английский
  1. Оределенный метод передачи данных или протокол, обеспечивающий взаимодействие терминалов в сети.

  2. Приложение. прикладная программа или команда.

  3. Применение, использование; подача (напряжения); приложение (усилия); введение в действие; отклонение (рулей)

  4. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца) 10

  5. Заявка (комплект официальных документов, представляемый заявителем в патентное ведомство для получения охранного документа: патента, свидетельства о регистрации товарного знака или промышленного образца)

  6. The use of a technology to achieve a specific objective.

  7. Заявление

  8. 1. the process of putting a medication or bandage on a body part  two applications of the lotion should be made each day. 2. the process of asking officially for something, usually in writing  if you are applying for the job, you must fill in an application form.

  9. A word of extensive use, for the principles of adjusting, augmenting, and perfecting the relations between sciences.

  10. И infrastructure service provision аренда программных продуктов и инфраструктуры (на основе ежемесячных платежей) с доступом к приложениям через интернет или vpn

  11. Process ofapplyinga powder coat ing to the workpiece by means of coat ing equipment; can be automated or manual

  12. A collection of web-based lists, libraries, calendars, and other pages you use to share information and manage an area of your business, such as your projects, documents, and company information.

  13. A commerce server application is a logical representation of an application in microsoft internet information services (iis); it appears in both commerce server manager and the iis console trees. in the iis console tree an application is either at the root directory level of the web site or at a subdirectory level of the web site.

  14. A document that records the profile of the applicant.

  15. A set of instructions that a computer or device uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management.

  16. A web application that consists of a group of tightly related components such as asp.net web pages, wcf web services, and workflows that run in a .net application domain. an application is a unit of deployment, configuration, and management.

  17. The container for your company’s performancepoint planning business model definitions, predefined and user-defined dimensions, the mappings that connect these business model definitions with your company’s data source, and other performancepoint planning metadata like views, permissions, and process scheduling information.

  18. A runnable program that provides some service.

  19. Request for patent protection for an invention filed with the epo or other patent office.

  20. An initial statement of personal and financial information, which is required to approve your loan.

Replacement, английский
  1. Замена

  2. Замещение; возмещение; воспроизводство^

  3. An operation to replace part of the body with an artificial part

  4. N подстановка replacive a замещающий, подстановочный

  5. Construction of a new pipe or underground utility located on or off the line of the existing systems, which serves the same function as the old system.

Liners, английский
  1. (also known as backing paper or carrier) is the material which the label will be adhered to when delivered to the customer, ready for automatic application.

  2. Line-of-battle ships. also, a designation of such packet or passenger ships as trade periodically and regularly to and from ports beyond sea, in contradistinction to chance vessels. also, a term applied by seamen to men-of-war and to their crews.

Lean manufacturing, английский
  1. A manufacturing management philosophy that places emphasis on removing the wasteful use of materials. any expenditure that doesn`t contribute directly to the creation of value is eliminated.

  2. A philosophy in which manufactuaring operations promote lean production flows and business activities.