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Matt emulsion

Printing Glossary
    A water based finish that creates a very flat finish with minimal sheen.

Emuls., английский

Emulsión, испанский

Emulsión coloidal, испанский

Emulsión de albúmina, испанский

Emulsión de gelatina, испанский

Emulsión ortocromática, испанский

Emulsión pancromática, испанский

Emulsibility, английский
  1. The ability of a non-water-soluble fluid to form an emulsion with water.

  2. The capacity of a fluid insoluble in water to form an emulsion with water.

Emulsible, английский
    Эмульгируемый, способный образовывать эмульсию

Emulsificateur, французский

Emulsification, английский

Emulsification (pt), английский
    The process of dispersing one liquid in a second immiscible liquid; the largest group of emulsifying agents are soaps, detergents, and other compounds, whose basic structure is a paraffin chain terminating in a polar group.

Emulsification time (pt), английский
  1. The time allowed for the emulsifier to act on the penetrant before the part is washed, after emulsifier is applied as a separate step.

  2. Time required for the emulsifying agent to combine with the penetrant. this is critical as insufficient time will result in failure to remove the penetrant and lead to false indications, and too long a time may remove the penetrant from the flaws. emulsification time usually ranges from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Emulsified asphalt, английский
    An emulsion of asphalt cement and water containing small amounts of an emulsifying agent.

Emulsified fuel, английский
    Эмульгированное горючее топливо

Emulsifier, английский
  1. Additive that promotes the formation of a stable mixture, or emulsion, of oil and water. common emulsifiers are: metallic soaps, certain animal and vegetable oils, and various polar compounds.

  2. A substance which modifies the surface tension of colloidal droplets, keeping them from coalescing and keeping them suspended. emulsion 1. a mixture of liquids insoluble in one another, in which one is suspended in the other in the form of minute globules. 2. a mixture in which solid particles are suspended in a liquid in which they are insoluble, as a mixture of bitumen and water, with uniform dispersion of the bitumen globules. the cementing action needed in roofing and waterproofing takes place as the water evaporates.

  3. A synonym for mud mixer.

  4. A machine for mixing water, oil, or resins with a saponifying or other agent to form an emulsion.

  5. A saponifying or other agent added to water and oil or water and resins, causing them to form an emulsion.

  6. Эмульгатор

  7. An additive that promotes the mixing of water and oil to form an intimate mixture of the oil and water (called an emulsion). emulsions generally have a cloudy or milky appearance.

  8. An additive that promotes the formation of a stable emulsion, usually of oil and water.

  9. A substance that promotes the formation of a stable emulsion. in industrial maintenance cleaning, emulsifiers are used to modify the surface tension of liquid droplets (dispersed phase) to keep them from coalsecing (agglomerating); the resulting emulsion suspends soil in solution.

  10. Liquid that mixes with an oily penetrant such that the emulsion can then be washed from the surface with water. see also soak time. emulsifier, hydrophilic: water based liquid that interacts with the penetrant oil in the manner of a detergent, allowing the penetrant to be washed from the surface with water. emulsifier, lipophilic: oil based liquid that mixes with penetrant oil to form an emulsion that can be removed from the surface with water.

Emulsifier (pt), английский
    A liquid agent that must be applied to the non-water washable penetrant after the proper dwell time has elapsed to permit water rinsing. this requires an additional step and a period of time must be allowed for the combining to occur. a suspension of one liquid phase in another.

Emulsifier, syn. emulsifying agent, английский
    Эмульгатор поверхностно-активное вещество, которое применяют для приготовления эмульсий или поддержания раствора в данном состоянии.

Emulsifier-remover (pt), английский
    A type of solvent that can be rinsed off with water after it is applied or used as a solvent wipe remover.

Emulsify, английский

Emulsifying agent, английский

Metallised polyester board, английский
    Often known as metpol board. metallised polyester film, in various metallic shades, is laminated to folding box board. the board can then be printed and formed to create premium high end cartons.

Make-ready, английский
    The work associated with the set-up of equipment before running a job.