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Organoleptic assessment

Printing Glossary
    An assessment of how materials are experienced by the senses, including taste, sight, smell and touch.

Assessment, английский
  1. A tax levied on a property, or a value placed on the worth of a property.

  2. Additional charges added to a case

  3. Оценка.

  4. Оценка

  5. A tax, charge, or levy on property: 1. as a means of computing real estate tax; 2. to pay for specific services or improvements.

  6. Act of computing the tax due

  7. Оценка ~ of reliability of engineering

  8. Collection of binaries, scripts, configuration parameters, and manifest files used to perform measurements on a computer or windows image and to report results.

  9. A more detailed interview of a juvenile offender and review of his/her available medical, mental health, and chemical dependency records and other pertinent information by a professional meeting the state’s criteria for licensing and education in the respective field. attempt to locate (atl)- an attempt to locate (atl) may be issued to local law enforcement by a supervising parole agent when a parolee’s whereabouts is unknown and efforts are under way to locate the parolee. the atl may be issued prior to considering the parolee an absconder.

  10. Оценка имущества для обложения налогом

  11. By assessing the participant’s strengths and weaknesses, a coach can note how the physical, mental and spiritual position of the client may influence his/her ability to meet desired goals.

  12. Tools or methods used to evaluate an individual`s skills, abilities, and progress in a coaching or mentoring context.

Assessment assessed value, английский

Assessment center, английский
  1. A method of selecting personnel

  2. A method of selecting personnel a system of tests and interviews that evaluate employee performance and help companies select the right people for jobs positions

Assessment centres, английский
  1. Participants undertake a wide range of tasks and activities designed to assess their suitability for a particular organisation

  2. Assessment centres are the new name given to the process of using a series of assessments to evaluate candidates in a structured and standardized way.

Assessment drilling, английский
    Drilling done to fulfill the requirement that a prescribed amount of work be done annually on an unpatented mining claim to retain title.

Assessment in language arts, английский

Assessment instruments, английский

Assessment labor, английский

Assessment manifest, английский
    The xml file that describes the content and function of an assessment for use with the assessment platform.

Assessment of a claim, английский
    Исчисление размера претензии

Assessment of completeness of collected materials, английский

Assessment of damage, английский
    Дефектная ведомость

Assessment of duties, английский
    Начисление таможенных пошлин

Assessment of duties and taxes, английский
    The determination of the amount of duties and taxes payable

Assessment of error, английский
    Определение размера ошибки

Assessment of performance, английский
    It is common for employers to treat a new employee as being in a ‘probationary period’ when he or she first starts work. this is a period of time during which an employer can assess an employee’s performance in the workplace before deciding whether to offer a contract for a longer period of time. a contract might contain terms which only apply during the probationary period and which are usually less favourable than the terms of a later, more permanent contract. these terms must not breach an employee’s statutory rights, which are the rights contained in legislation. the phrase ‘assessment of performance’ often appears in a contract covering a probationary period, and also in contracts requiring a regular review of an employee’s performance.

Assessment of seismic danger (hazard), английский

Assessment of toxicity, английский
    Определение степени токсичности (напр., сточных вод)

Assessment platform, английский
    A platform that developers can use to write and manage system and component tests. assessment platform provides a unified testing experience and standardized infrastructure to discover, manage, configure, and execute targeted tests; view, analyze, and remediate results; and develop additional tests.

Assessment ratio, английский
    Of a property, the ratio between its market value and its assessed value. assignment 1. the transfer of a legal right. 2. in the case of a lease, the transfer of the right of the tenant to the entire property leased and for the entire term remaining; also

Assessment rolls, английский

Experienced, английский

Pantone reference, английский
    International guide system of designating colours for printing reference.

Offset litho(graphy), английский
    A printing process by which the inked image to be printed is transferred (offset) first to a rubber layer before coming into contact with the board which takes up the inked areas.