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Polyethylene (pet)

Printing Glossary
    Used for high speed applications and to provide a ‘no label’effect on filmic labels

Polyethylene, английский
  1. A thermoplastic material composed of polymers of ethylene.

  2. Полиэтилен - еще один прочный пластиковый материал для обшивки доски (аналогичный полипропилену). большинство производителей дутых досок применяют смесь этих материалов.

  3. A thermoplastic material often used in electrical insulation or in sheet form for dampproofing.

  4. Полиэтилен

Polyethylene (pe), английский
    A type of plastic material used for outside plant cable jackets.

Polyethylene fiber, английский
  1. A manufactured fiber made of polymerized polyethylene units, often in monofilament form as well as in filament form. the fibers have low specific gravity, very low retention of moisture, the same tensile weight wet or dry, are resistant to mildew and insects.

  2. A manufactured fiber made of polyethylene, often in monofilament form as well as continuous filament yarns and staple. ethylene is polymerized at high pressures and the resulting polymer is melt spun and cold drawn. it may also be dry-spun from xylene solution.

Polyethylene float line, английский
    Полиэтиленный шнур плавка

Polyethylene glycol, английский
    A chemical pretreating agent used to improve the drying behaviour of timber.

Polyethylene glycol (peg), английский

Polyethylene terephthalate, английский
    Полиэтиленовый терефталат

Polyethylene., английский

Printing plate, английский
    An anodised aluminium plate which has a light sensitive coating applied once exposed (to the image) and developed the image area is sensitised to receive ink. the plate is positive reading and the image is transferred (offset) onto the printing blanket from which it is finally transferred to the material to be printed. it is important to realise that each colour in a printing job requires a separate plate.

Pils, английский
    Patient information leaflets (pils) are leaflets containing specific information about medical conditions, doses, side effects that packed with medicines to give the user information about the product. pil is the european version of the package insert. the pil is written by the manufacturing pharmaceutical company and is a patient friendly version of the summary of product characteristics. all licenced medicines need to carry such a leaflet. there are guidelines that must be followed for producing this document, drawn up by the european medicines agency of the eu.