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Record branch

Англо-русские патентные термины
    (брит.) отдел регистрации заявок на патенты

Branch, английский
  1. Ветвь; отвод; отделение, филиал

  2. In plumbing, a pipe which originates in or discharges into a main, submain, riser, or stack.

  3. Any part which grows out of a main part  verb to split out into smaller parts  the radial artery branches from the brachial artery at the elbow.

  4. N ветвь; род, семья1 (см. тж. stock) | v ~ out разветвляться2 branching n ветвление construction, rule left ~ левостороннее ветвление multiple ~ многочленное ветвление right ~ правостороннее ветвление broca aphasia, area

  5. The diploma of those pilots who have passed at the trinity house, as competent to navigate vessels in particular places. the word branch is also metaphorically used for river divergents, but its application to affluents is improper. any branch or ramification, as in estuaries, where they traverse, river-like, miles of territory, in labyrinthine mazes.

  6. A borehole drilled at an angle diverging from a previously drilled borehole. see wedging.

  7. An underground working place or passageway leading away from a major work area or main pas sageway.

  8. A small vein departing from the main vein or lode.

  9. Division, office or other unit of business located at a different location from the main office or headquarters. it is not a separate legal entity.

  10. A fork within a conversation, where more than one reply was made to a single e-mail and caused a split in the conversation.

  11. A segment of a logical tree structure, representing a folder and any folders that it contains.

  12. An element of workflow logic that defines an alternative condition and action or additional steps, in cases when the criteria in a condition element are not met. a logical ‘else-if-then’ statement in a workflow.

  13. In reference to a package, to upgrade an existing sequenced application package and run it side-by-side with the original sequenced application package.

  14. To allow a collection of files to evolve in two or more divergent paths.

Branch (e.g., of state gov’t.), английский

Branch -, английский
    Железнодорожная ветка

Branch and bound selection salgo- r i thm, bnb, английский
    Алгоритм выбора напр., оптимальной трассировки на основе метода ветвей и границ ветвлений и ограничений

Branch and bounds algorithm, английский
    Алгоритм метода ветвей и границ

Branch and bounds method, английский
    Метод ветвей и границ

Branch box, английский

Branch cable, английский
  1. A cable that diverges from a main cable to reach some secondary point.

  2. Отводной кабель

Branch cell, английский
    A plumbing fitting in a line which is at an angle to the main pipeline, usually at a right angle.

Branch circuit, английский
    The portion of an electric wiring system that extends beyond the final overcurrent device (such as a fuse) protecting the circuit.

Branch code, английский
    A numeric code used in combination with a bank code to identify a specific bank branch.

Branch conductor, английский
    In a lightning protection system, a conductor that branches off at an angle from a continuous run of the conductor.

Branch connection, английский

Branch decision, английский
    Выбор при разветвлении

Branch distribution point, английский
    A configuration manager site system that has the role of storing package source files and is designed to be located in a distributed location with limited network bandwidth or a limited number of clients.

Branch drain, английский
  1. Plumbing fixture drain that leads to the main drain line.

  2. A drain pipe connecting the soil line or plumbing fixtures in a building to the main line.

Branch duct, английский
    An air duct which branches from a main duct; at this point the main duct is reduced in cross-sectional area. bracket pile 134

Branch edition, английский
    A version of biztalk server that can be used as a local office implementation within a distributed (multi-site) business organization. each site instance can be connected to a biztalk server implementation located in a central office or headquarters. the branch edition can be used at a very high scale but it is only a part of the entire enterprise solution, rather than being the whole enterprise solution itself.

Branch equivalent: branch office., английский
    Отделение, филиал

Branch fault, английский

Branch fitting, английский
    A fitting used to connect one or more branch pipes to a main pipe.

Patent agent, английский
  1. (брит.) патентный поверенный

  2. (брит.) патентный поверенный |5. patent application заявка на патент

Comptroller, английский
    (брит.) контролер (руководитель патентного ведомства великобритании)