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Google eye

    (n) a lazy eye example 1) that old man had an awesome google eye. 2) get off my land, you googly eyed bastard!

Eye, английский
  1. The organ of sight, in vertebrates typically one of a pair of spherical bodies contained in an orbit of the skull and in humans appearing externally as a dense, white, curved membrane, or sclera, surrounding a circular, colored portion, or iris, that is c

  2. Ojo

  3. The organ of vision; oculus. in humans, a spheroid body approximately one inch in diameter, occurring in pairs, positioned in sockets in the front of the skull, which focus light.

  4. Глаз, око

  5. The part of the body with which a person sees (note: for other terms referring to the eye, see ocular, optic and words beginning with oculo-, ophth-, ophthalm-, ophthalmo-.)

  6. N глаз access f

  7. The circular loop of a shroud or stay where it goes over the mast.—to eye, to observe minutely.—flemish eye, a phrase particularly applied to the eye of a stay, which is either formed at the making of the rope; or by dividing the yarns into two equal parts, knotting each pair separately, and pointing the whole over after parcelling. this eye stopped by the mouse forms the collar. it is not strong, soon rots, and seldom, if ever, used now where strength is of more importance than neatness.

  8. [1] a circular or tear-shaped metal fitting (also eyelet). [2] a loop in a rope. [3] a hole in the shank of an anchor. [4] the direction from which the wind is blowing. [5] the circular region of relatively light winds and fair weather at the center of a tropical cyclone.

Eye, английский

Eye assay, английский
    An estimate of the valuable mineral content of a core or ore sample as based on a visual inspection.

Eye bank, английский
    A place where parts of eyes given by donors can be kept for use in grafts

Eye candy, английский

Eye clean, английский
    A term that indicates that a diamond has no flaws that are visible to the naked eye when viewed face up, 12 inches from the viewer.

Eye closure, английский
    Схождение глаза индикаторной диаграммы см. также го, бос, msec, pec

Eye doctor, английский
    Oculista; médico de los ojos

Eye drops, английский
  1. Gotas para los ojos

  2. Medicine in liquid form which is put into the eye in small amounts

Eye exam, английский
    Examen ocular

Eye hand coordination, английский
    The ability of the eyes to guide the hands, also called visual motor integration.

Eye infecion, sticky eye, conjunctivitis, английский

Eye jammy, английский

Eye lids, английский
    Movable folds of tissue that protect the eye from injury, excessive light, and distribute the tear film over the cornea and conjunctiva.

Eye light, английский

Eye light, catch light, английский
    A little eye light goes a long way; use a light hand. tip: a small, diffused, doored-down hard light near the camera gives kicks in the center of the eyes and teeth (unless your subject is tight-lipped). placed off to the side, the whites of the eyes glow lovingly, tragically, or threateningly, depending upon the music.

Eye line, английский
  1. To match reverse angles, point of view shots and where the actor looks offscreen, they should be given a fixed direction to look at, ideally an actual prop or spot. used extensively in films like who framed roger rabbit and stuart little where the actors had to look at animated characters who would be added later in post production

  2. Where the subject looks: profile, close to the lens, at the lens, up, down or anywhere else, affects the intensity, mood, and credibility of the scene and the lighting. an area of considerable cheating.

Eye of, английский
    Block-strop. that part by which it is fastened or suspended to any particular place upon the sails, masts, or rigging; the eye is sometimes formed by making two eye-splices, termed lashing eyes, on the ends of the strop, and then seizing them together with a small line, so as to bind both round a mast, yard, or boom, as is deemed necessary.

Eye of a stay, английский
    That part of a stay which is formed into a sort of collar to go round the mast-head; the eye and mouse form the collar.

Eye of an anchor, английский
    The hole in the shank wherein the ring is fixed.

Eye of the wind, английский
  1. The direction that the wind is blowing from.

  2. Прямо против ветра

  3. The direction to windward from whence it blows. ( see wind`s-eye.)

Googled, английский
    Googled to become an instant expert on a thing, person, company or idea in a few seconds by using the wonderful search engine google. often carried out in order to hide actual ignorance of the matter being googled. example i was a bit dubious about what he was saying on the phone, so i googled him while he was talking and found that everything he said about syzygys was right on target.

Google, английский
    1. to do extensive www searches using the www.google.com search engine. 2. to cheat at trivia. example in this game there will be no googling.