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Forward edge

Глоссарий по геологии и горным работам

    Ножевая кромка проходческого щита, русский

    Edge, английский
    1. (adj) on the (cutting) edge, pushing the envelope, out of the mainstream, not the accepted norm example i know you like underground bands, but they are way too edge for me

    2. Технология, разработанная для стандартов gsm и tdma, которая позволяет удовлетворять требованиям 3g передачи большого количество информации на большой скорости (384 кбит/сек).

    3. Electronic data gathering equipment

    4. Experimental display generation (program)

    5. Energy data geographical explorer (petroconsultants, inc.)

    6. In lens optics, the flat or angled surface which limits the refracting surfaces of a lens; the edge determines the peripheral shape of a lens.

    7. Шкаторина, кромка

    8. A thin ledge on the rock.

    Edge, английский

    Edge, английский

    Edge, английский

    Edge (1), английский

    Edge (2), английский

    Edge (3), английский

    Edge (boundary) stress, английский

    Edge -, английский
    1. Бортовая опалубка

    2. Краевой момент

    Edge - effect, английский

    Edge act corporation, английский
      Corporation chartered by the federal reserve to engage in international banking. the board of governors acts on applications to establish edge act corporations and also examines the corporations and their subsidiaries. named after senator walter edge of new jersey, who sponsored the original legislation to permit formation of such organizations. see also: agreement corporation.

    Edge angle, английский
      Угол между гранями (угол между противоположными гранями индентора для испытания на микротвердость)

    Edge away, to, английский
      To decline gradually from the course which the ship formerly steered, by sailing larger, or more off, or more away from before the wind than she had done before.

    Edge bead, английский

    Edge beam, английский
      A stiffening beam at the edge of a slab. edge-bedded

    Edge board, английский
      Плата с печатным соединителем

    Edge breakaway, английский
      Обрыв края

    Edge cache server, английский
      A disk-based cache/proxy server that is at the network edge. in a multi-tiered cache hierarchy, requests for cacheable content use intelligent dns routing to route the first content received to the edge cache nodes.

    Edge caching network, английский
      A group of geographically dispersed cache servers that distributes and delivers contents faster by serving the contents from the cache servers that are closest to the users. an ecn routes the requests efficiently to reduce the network latency and to reduce the load on the origin servers.

    Edge card, английский
      Плата с печатным соединителем

    Edge card connector, английский
      Краевой разъем

    Ножевая кромка проходческого щита, русский

    Фактор буримости породы, русский