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Цифра дня: Сколько слов есть в языке эскимосов для обозначения снега

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Глоссарий морских терминов
    Ось вращения руля, скреплённая с пером руля.

Rudder stock, английский
  1. Баллер руля, рудерпис

  2. Баллер

  3. The shank of a rudder that extends through the hull to the steering engine. ruffles & flourishes: ruffles are the low continuous vibration of one or more drums, played simultaneously with flourishes, which are fanfares played by bugle or other brass instrument (the sound of a single flourish is roughly “dum-ditti-dum-ditti-daah”). these were originally a british tradition which is now seldom observed but continues in the u.s. armed forces, being sounded to render personal honors to selected individuals on the basis of rank or appointment. they are played only for official arrivals and ceremonies, never on informal occasions, and are always followed by a prescribed march or other music, played when the person being honored arrives, and before the national anthem is played. all uniformed personnel within earshot stand to attention, face the person being honored and hand salute or, if appropriate, present arms. if a senior officer is in the audience when a junior is being honored, the senior faces the junior and salutes along with everyone else. military personnel out of uniform and civilians remove their hats and place their right hands over their hearts. the full protocol is extremely complicated, recognizing some thirty-seven groups of civilian and military ranks to be honored. the u.s. army and air force share one table of honors, but the navy has a slightly different one, according more r&fs to some and fewer to others; often with different music to follow. four ruffles and flourishes are the highest civil honor, going to the president (followed by “hail to the chief ”), former presidents (the u.s. national anthem), the vice-president (“hail columbia”) and foreign heads of state or government (the appropriate national anthem). beyond these, a broad selection of other civilians is entitled to one, two, three, or four sets (followed by “the stars & stripes forever”). in contrast, the entitlements for military officers are simple because the number of ruffles and flourishes is equal to the number of stars in their rank, followed by the general’s march (army and air force) or flag officer’s march (navy).

Барабан шпиля, русский
    Вращающаяся часть шпиля, служащая для выбирания якорной цепи или швартовного троса.

) курс судна относительно ветра, русский
    Ветер дует с кормы и в борт (диаметральная плоскость судна образует с линией ветра угол больше 90° и меньше 180°) делится на полный бакштаг (ближе к 180°), собственно бакштаг и крутой бакштаг (ближе к 90°).