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Noise trace

Глоссарий по геофизике
    Трасса помехи

Трасса помехи, русский

Noise, английский
  1. An unwanted signal produced by all electrical circuits working above the absolute zero. noise cannot be eliminated but only minimised.

  2. Шум при сканировании с случайно расположенные неверно читаемые пикселы изображения

  3. The random fluctuations that are always associated with a measurement that is repeated many times over. these fluctuations do not represent any real sources of infrared radiation of target, but rather are caused by the imperfections of the system.

  4. The word "noise" originated in audio practice and refers to random spurts of electrical energy or interference. in some cases, it will produce a "salt-and-pepper" pattern over the televised picture. heavy noise is sometimes referred to as "snow".

  5. An unwanted signal produced by all electrical circuits working above the absolute zero.

  6. Pixels in your digital image that were misinterpreted. usually occurs when you shoot a long exposure (beyond 1/2-second) or when you use the higher iso values from 400 or above. it appears as random groups of red, green or blue pixels.

  7. An unwanted signal produced by all electrical circuits working above the absolute zero. cannot be eliminated but only minimized.

  8. In a cable or circuit, any extraneous signal that tends to interfere with the signal normally present in or passing through the system

  9. Unwanted minor currents or voltages in an electrical system.

  10. A common bugaboo of digital photography, noise is the appearance of color artifacts in a digital image. mostly noticeable in the shadow areas of images captured at higher iso ratings, the image processors used in many current digital cameras utilize noise-suppression software to minimize the appearance of noise artifacts. heat build-up due to continuous shooting in hot environments can also cause noise artifacts within digital images. noise is considered the digital version of grain in film negatives.

  11. 1) an undesired disturbance within the frequency band of interest; the summation of unwanted or disturbing energy introduced into a communications system from man-made and natural sources. 2) a disturbance that affects a signal and that may distort the information carried by the signal. 3) random variations of one or more characteristics of any entity such as voltage, current, or data.

  12. Relates to pixels in your image that were misinterpreted. normally occurs when you shoot a long exposure (beyond 1/2-second) or when you use the higher iso values from 400 or above. it appears as random groups of red, green or blue pixels. programs such as neat image can remove most noise from an image.

  13. Шум

  14. Any sound which is unwanted because it is annoying, interferes with speech and hearing, or is intense enough to damage hearing.

  15. Помеха

  16. N шум white ~ когн. белый шум nom n ном

  17. Unwanted interference of a radio signal. non-commissioned: the term is self-explanatory, and refers to enlisted personnel and ratings. non-commissioned officer: an enlisted member of an armed force who has been given junior command authority by a commissioned officer. in the united states and british armies, air forces and marines, all ranks of sergeant and corporal are termed ncos, as are all ranks of petty officer in the united states navy and coast guard. the royal navy, however, does not refer to its petty officers as ncos, but calls them senior ratings (or senior rates). non-executive: see specialist officers. non-judicial punishment: commanding officers in both the rn and usn may, in addition to, or in lieu of, admonition, caution, or reprimand, may within specified limits impose one or more of the following disciplinary punishments for minor offenses, committed by officers or enlisted ratings: • restriction to specified limits. • suspension from duty. • extra duties or fatigues. • arrest in quarters. • confinement in correctional custody. • forfeiture of pay. • reduction of rate or pay grade. • diminished rations, or bread and water diet. in virtually all cases, the accused has the right to demand court-martial in lieu of summary punishment. see also captain’s mast, non-punitive disciplinary action, and uniform code of military justice. non-naval flogging: no official restrictions hindered 17th through 19th century merchant masters, whose power was virtually unlimited. alexander pope wrote that a sea captain “possesses more crude, naked power over any one of his seamen than the king over his entire nation.” the cruelty of brutish shipmasters often led merchant seamen to desert and seek gentler employment by volunteering for the navy, or going “on the account.” (pirate articles, which had to be agreed by the crew, usually specified limits to flogging.) the cat-o-nine-tails (known colloquially as “the captain’s daughter”) is featured in one of the bestknown chanteys for hoisting an anchor: what shall we do with a drunken sailor? what shall we do with a drunken sailor? what shall we do with a drunken sailor? err-lie in the morning give ’im a taste of the captain’s daughter! put ’im in bed with the captain’s daughter! marry ’im off to the captain’s daughter! err-lie in the morning wey-hay and up she rises heave-ho and up she rises hoo-ray and up she rises err-lie in the morning but in spite of its fearful reputation and nasty wounds, the rope-based cat was too gentle for some masters. especially sadistic ones might (illegally) order nails, steel balls, or wire barbs to be inserted in the tips of the tails to maximize pain and injury, while others resorted to leather whips or thick wooden birch-rods which were more damaging and painful. in his autobiographical two years before the mast (1840), richard henry dana described a terrible flogging in the brig pilgrim, during which the captain screamed “if you want to know what i flog you for, i’ll tell you. it’s because i like to do it! because i like to do it! it suits me! that’s what i do it for!” nevertheless, in his closing chapter, dana said he doubted the expediency of abolishing flogging altogether. non-punitive disciplinary action: is defined as one or more corrective measures such as counseling, admonition, reprimand, caution, exhortation, disapproval, criticism, censure, reproach, rebuke, extra mil- njp 220 itary instruction, and withholding of privileges [u.s. manual for court martial, rcm 306(c)(2)]. see also captain’s mast, non-judicial punishment, and uniform code of military justice. non-rated: a usn term referring to enlisted personnel in pay grades below petty officer, these are recruit (e-1), apprentice (e-2), and seaman (e-3). see also rank and rate.

  18. Шум; помехи

  19. Шум; шумы; помехи

Noise, английский

Noise, английский

Noise, английский

Noise (in data), английский

Noise (video image), английский
    The degradation of image quality and definition as a result of such problems as low light levels and what david eisendrath liked to call "gremlins."

Noise - audio, английский
    Unwanted sounds (static) that interfere with the intended sounds; or unwanted sound signals. glossary/61

Noise - video, английский
    Unwanted electronic interference that shows up as snow.

Noise abatement procedure, английский
    Порядок взлета или посадки с учетом ограничений шума

Noise absorption, английский

Noise airport code, английский

Noise amplitude, английский
    Амплитуда напряжения шумов

Noise amplitude distribution, английский
    Распределение амплитуды шума

Noise analysis device, nad, английский
    Прибор для анализа шумов

Noise background, английский

Noise bandwidth, английский
    Полоса шумов

Noise barrier, английский

Noise blocker;, русский

Noise buffer sheet, английский

Noise burst signal, английский
    Сигнал шума

Noise cancellation, английский
    Подавление помех

Трасса помехи, русский

Ноток пуазейдя, русский