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Operating account

Глоссарий терминов по статистике
    Текущий счет, см. current accounts

Account, английский
  1. In the context of bookkeeping, refers to the ledger pages upon which various assets, liabilities, income, and expenses are represented. in the context of investment banking, refers to the status of securities sold and owned or the relationship between par

  2. (счет) запись финансовых транзакций для юридического или физического лица, в банке или других финансовых организациях;

  3. Счет (хронологическая регистрация затрат данного вида с нарастающим итогом)

  4. Счет, отчет

  5. An account is an object in the state; in a currency system, this is a record of how much money some particular user has; in more complex systems accounts can have different functions.

  6. See on the account.

  7. A chronological record that describes the changes in value classified as assets, liabilities, expenses, and revenue.

  8. A feature that enables the user to see skype activity, change settings, and purchase skype credit.

  9. A group of customers who share data related to tickets, chats, emails, calls, and owned products and assets.

  10. A record-keeping arrangement used by the vendor of an online service to identify a subscriber and to maintain a record of customer usage for billing purposes.

  11. A set of attributes that define a user’s access to a given service or application.

  12. A tab in the backstage view where users can manage their identities and services, view licensing details, and link to account management features.

  13. A ui element that links to account services or other, account-related site.

  14. An organization’s authorization to access the live meeting service.

  15. Private information that a customer provides to establish their windows live id. this information is separate from the customer’s (outward-facing) profile and is never shared without explicit consent.

  16. The person or business to which the salesperson tries to sell a product or service.

  17. The record-keeping mechanism used by networks and multiuser operating systems for keeping track of authorized users.

  18. The section of the store where account holders can manage their account.

  19. The type of record - asset, liability, revenue, expense, or owner’s equity - traditionally used for recording individual transactions in an accounting system.

Account, английский

Account, английский

Account, английский

Account activity, английский
    Активность по счету - операции по банковскому счету в течение определенного периода. отражается в выписке из счета, регулярно направляемой клиенту;

Account ad valorem duty, английский
    An imported merchandise tax expressed as a percentage.

Account administrator, английский
    The only person who is authorized to access to the azure account center and create subscriptions, cancel subscriptions, change billing for a subscription, change service administrator, and more.

Account alias, английский
    A 20-character ‘short name’ for a posting account in the chart of accounts. if the account format has an unusually large number of segments, entering aliases rather than accounts will speed up data entry.

Account analysis, английский
    Анализ состояния счета - это оценка соответствия расходов банка по обслуживанию корпоративного клиента и уплачиваемой последним комиссии и минимального остатка на счете. если расходы банка больше, чем доходы, клиент выплачивает дополнительную комиссию;

Account assignment category, английский
    Тип контировки (в sap r/3)

Account authority digital signature, английский

Account balance, английский
  1. Credits minus debits at the end of a reporting period.

  2. Остаток на счете; баланс бюджета

  3. The difference between the sum of debit entries and the sum of credit entries entered into an account during a financial period.

Account card, английский
    Учетная карточка; карта счета; карта-счет

Account card feed, английский
    Ввод карт счетов

Account card feed device, английский
    Устройство для ввода карт счетов

Account certification, английский
    The process that associates user accounts with key pairs.

Account certification service, английский
    A windows rms web service that creates and distributes rm account certificates.

Account code, английский
  1. Код счета; номер счета (цифровой код, обозначающий номер счета)

  2. Учетный код

  3. The unique identifier for a record that holds the balance relating to any single asset, liability, owner’s equity, revenue, or expense of the business.

Account code segment, английский
    A section of an account code that represents a type of entity for which you are accounting.

Account code structure, английский
    Структура счетов; состав счетов (номенклатура счетов всех видов затрат, производимых в данной области)

Account current, английский

Operating records, английский
    Оперативная отчетность

Open-book accounts, английский
    Лицевой счет