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Surplus metal

Глоссарий по металлорежущим станкам и металлообработке

    Припуск, русский
      , в металлообработке - поверхностный слой заготовки, подлежащий удалению при последующей обработке.

    Metal, английский
    1. Signifying approval or happiness example that chick molly is metal.

    2. Металл; металлический

    3. Металл; металлический мтм mission test module экспериментально-испытательный отсек (космической лаборатории) мтма mean time to maintenance action средняя наработка до технического обслуживания мтма military terminal movement area зона полетов военных самолетов в районе аэродрома

    4. A copper-zinc alloy having 60% copper and 40% zinc; used in castings and in extruded, rolled, and stamped products. muqarnas, honeycomb work, stalactite

    5. Material, either an element or a compound, which can carry heat and electricity. some metals are essential for life.

    6. A word comprehending the great guns, or ordnance generally, of a ship or battery.

    Metal, английский

    Metal, французский
      Used by astrophysicists to refer to all elements except hydrogen and helium, as in: "the universe is composed of hydrogen, helium and traces of metals".

    Metal ., английский

    Metal bezel, английский
      Металлическая окантовка

    Metal ceiling, английский

    Metal ceiling and pressed-metal ceiling. tin-clad fire door a door of two- or three-ply wood-core construction, which is covered with no. 30 gauge galvanized steel or terneplate, английский

    Metal chop saw blade, английский
      A miter saw blade that can cut metal.

    Metal core circuit board, английский
      Схемная плата с металлическим основа- - нием

    Metal curtain wall, английский
      An exterior building wall which carries no roof or floor loads and consists entirely or principally of metal, or a combination of metal, glass, and other surfacing materials supported by a metal framework.

    Metal evaporated tape, английский

    Metal extrusion, английский

    Metal fatigue, английский
      A breakage of the metal caused by the bending and flexing or the expansion and contraction of a metal part beyond its endurance limit.

    Metal flashing, английский
      (помехосоздаю- щие) металлизированные диполь- ные отражатели

    Metal floor decking, английский
      Formed sheet metal decking, 2 for structural load-carrying purposes in floor construction.

    Metal flow, английский
      Extrusion or flow of steel on the running surface of the rail head.

    Metal grating, английский
      An open metal flooring for pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic, covering floor depressions or openings. metal halide lamp, metallic-additive lamp an electric-discharge lamp in which the light is produced by the radiation from a mixture of a metallic vapor (e.g., mercury) and the products of the dissociation of halides (e.g., halides of thallium, indium, sodium, etc.).

    Metal hardening, английский
      A thermal, mechanical, or chemical treatment used to increase the

    Metal interface representation, английский

    Metal lath, английский
      Sheets of metal that are slit to form openings within the lath. used as a plaster base for walls and ceilings and as reinforcing over other forms of plaster base.

    Metal lath having, английский
      V-shaped ribs to provide greater stiffness and to permit wider spacing of framing members.

    Reduction gearbox, английский

    Прихват, русский