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24 апреля, 2019

Outsourcing in translation business

11 марта, 2019

Nanaj language recource has been appeared in Internet

10 марта, 2019

Bulgarian will be studied in the USA s schools

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Глоссарий по металлорежущим станкам и металлообработке
  1. A relatively precise term for computers whose central processing units (cpus) are microprocessor chips. by contrast, mainframes and most minicomputers have cpus containing large circuitry. s include personal computers, small business computers, desktop computers, and home computers.

  2. Микрокомпьютер microcomputer-based со встроенным микрокомпьютером; микрокомпьютерный

Микро-эвм, русский

Microordenador ., испанский

Микроэвм, русский

Relatively, английский

Processing, английский
  1. Обработка (напр. данных); технология

  2. N обработка cognitive ~ когнитивная обработка language ~ когн.

Microprocessor, английский
  1. One or more integrated circuits that can be programmed with stored instructions to perform a variety of functions.

  2. The heart of the computer. this is a silicon chip with the computer`s central processing unit implemented on the chip.

  3. A digital chip (computer) that operates, controls, and monitors some lasers.

  4. Микропроцес

  5. Микропроцессор; однокристальный процессор

Containing, английский

Микро-эвм, русский

Reduction gearbox, английский