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Slide feed unit

Глоссарий по металлорежущим станкам и металлообработке

    Узел подачи, русский

    Slide, английский
    1. A positive image on a transparent film base, used for projection viewing, printing, or photomechanical reproduction.

    2. A piece of glass, on which a tissue sample is placed, to be examined under a microscope  verb to move along smoothly  the plunger slides up and down the syringe. (note: sliding – slid)

    3. Ползун, каретка

    4. Стапель

    5. That part of a gun mount that supports the weapon and allows it to move.

    Slide, английский

    Slide (slid, slid), английский

    Slide assembly, английский
      Подвижный узел (станка); подвижный рабочий орган

    Slide bar assy, английский
      Узел скользящих контактов

    Slide gate, английский

    Slide milling head, английский

    Slide mount, английский

    Slide pile, английский
      A pile which is driven into the earth on a hillside to consolidate the soil to prevent its sliding down the slope.

    Slide plates, английский

    Slide shaft, английский

    Slide stop, английский

    Slide-actions, английский

    Slide-boom loader, английский
      Harvesting machine classifications, single function machines: loader

    Slidepath, английский

    Slider, английский
      A window having sashes (in a vertical plane) which slide in horizontal grooves or tracks; when closed, the stiles of the sashes meet and may interlock.

    Slidescape, английский
      A straight or spiral chute, erected on the interior or exterior of a building, designed as a means of emergency egress directly to the street.

    Slideways, английский
      To move sideways in a sliding manner. possible origin found in an old nissan ad, it was referring to their latest invention the sliding van door. example our new vehicle doors move up, out, and even slideways.

    Unit, английский
    1. A unit refers to a container, trailer, or a container mounted onto a trailer.

    2. A member of a population.

    3. Блок; агрегат; единица; часть, подразделение

    4. Аккумуляторная установка с комбинированным приводом

    5. 1. a single part of a larger whole 2. a part of a hospital that has a specialised function  a burns unit 3. a named and agreed standard amount used for measuring something  a gram is an si unit of weight. 4. a quantity of a drug, enzyme, hormone or of blood, taken as a standard for measurement and producing a given effect  three units of blood  a unit of insulin 5. a machine or device  a waste-disposal unit ‘…the blood loss caused his haemoglobin to drop dangerously low, necessitating two units of rbcs and one unit of fresh frozen plasma’ [rn magazine] united kingdom central council for nursing, midwifery, and health visiting united kingdom central council for nursing, midwifery, and health visiting /ju na?t?d k??d?m sentr?l ka?ns?l f? n! s?? m?dw?f?ri ?nd hel? v?z?t??/

    6. A hospital, ward or unit which deals only with women giving birth

    7. N 1 единица; 2 единство translation formal ~ формальная единица functional ~ функциональная единица lexical ~ лексическая единица morpheme ~ морфемная единица phonetic ~ фонетическая единица phraseological ~ фразеологическая единица suprasentential ~ сверхфразовое единство

    8. A generic term for the military assets assigned to a single tactical commander. may be a single ship or aircraft, or a larger force.

    Unit, английский
      Cool. example ice cube is unit.

    Цепь привода, русский

    Большая эвм, русский