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Lead screw

Глоссарий по металлорежущим станкам и металлообработке

    Ходовой винт, русский

    Lead, английский
    1. Поводок

    2. Block or series of blocks or rollers attached to a stationary object to guide the cable that drags logs (32) .

    3. With respect to radiation protection, lead together with perhaps concrete, is the most likely shielding material for attenuating x-rays and gamma rays . it has a density approximately 11 times greater than that of water and is easily formed into sheets an

    4. Ввод; опережение; упреждение; вести (самолет)

    5. Свинец l-d; l/d length-to-diameter (ratio) относительное удлинение (корпуса)

    6. 1. a plummet or mass of lead attached to a line, used in sounding depth at sea.

    7. A very heavy soft metallic element, which is poisonous in compounds (note: the chemical symbol is pb.)

    8. A ведущий system

    9. Свинец; лот

    10. The direction in which running ropes lead fair, and come down to the deck. also, in arctic seas, a channel through the ice; synonymous with lane. to lead into battle, or into harbour.

    11. [1] an inshore channel, especially one through an ice pack. pronounced “leed.” also lode. [2] a leadline. pronounced “led.”

    Lead, английский

    Lead (led, led), английский

    Lead . spkr on drawings, abbr. for loudspeaker. spiral stair, английский

    Lead and feedscrew lathe, английский

    Lead angle, английский
      Угол упреждения или опережения

    Lead architect, английский
      Ведущий архитектор

    Lead bank, английский

    Lead bar, английский
      Круглая направляющая; направляющая штанга

    Lead barium niobate, английский

    Lead bat, английский

    Lead board, английский

    Lead burning, английский
      The welding of sheet lead. lead-capped nail

    Lead carbonate, английский

    Lead chloride, английский

    Lead chromate, английский
      One of a series of opaque pigments, orange to yellow in color, with high tinting strength.

    Lead chrome green, английский

    Lead compensation, английский
      Коррекция на опережение по фазе

    Lead computing gyro, английский
      Гиропри- цел с вычислителем упреждения

    Lead contractor, английский

    Lead control, английский
      Регулирование по скорости изменения регулируемого параметра l/c lead covered со свинцовой оболочкой

    Ходовой винт, русский

    Цепь привода, русский