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Water sac

Глоссарий медицинских терминов
    Amnion waterston’s operation waterston’s operation / w? t?st?nz ?p?re??(?)n/

Sac, английский
  1. Science advisory committee

  2. Semiautomatic coding

  3. Standard aircraft characteristics

  4. Strategic air command

  5. Supplemental air carrier

  6. Synchronous astrocompass

  7. Sectional aeronautical chart; satellite applications centre (csir); statistical area classification (canada)

  8. A part of the body shaped like a bag

  9. [1] supreme allied commander. [2] strategic air command (usaf).

Sac yo, английский
    Same as vitelline sac

Sacad, английский
    Strategic air command addressee designator

Sacada, испанский

Sacagrub, английский

Sacagrub, английский

Sacaleches, bomba mamaria, bomba para, испанский

Sacar, португальский

Sacarina, испанский

Sacc, английский
    Spatial analysis coordinating committee

Sacc., английский

Saccade, английский
    The sudden jerk of the sails in light winds and a heavy swell.

Saccades, английский
  1. Abrupt voluntary shift in fixation from one point to another. when children read, this occurs as their eyes jump from word to word.

  2. Controlled rapid movements of the eyes made when a person is changing the direction in which they are focusing, e.g. when they are reading

Saccarius [ii, m], латинский

Saccarius, ii, m, латинский

Saccata, английский

Saccate, английский

Sacch, английский

Saccharatus [a, um], латинский

Saccharide, английский
    A form of carbohydrate

Saccharin, английский
    A white crystalline substance, used in place of sugar because, although it is nearly 500 times sweeter than sugar, it contains no carbohydrates

Disease hook, английский

Fetoprotein, английский