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Disease hook

Глоссарий медицинских терминов

Disease, английский
  1. A condition that stops the body from functioning in the usual way  an infectious disease  she is suffering from a very serious disease of the kidneys or from a serious kidney disease.  he is a specialist in occupational diseases. (note: the term disease is applied to all physical and mental reactions which make a person ill. diseases with distinct characteristics have individual names. for other terms referring to disease, see words beginning with path-, patho-.)

  2. The return of bitter-tasting, partly digested food from the stomach to the oesophagus

  3. N мед. болезнь

Disease frequency survey, английский

Disease fun, английский
    A disease caused by a fungus

Disease har, английский
    An inherited condition affecting amino acid metabolism and producing thick skin and impaired mental development [after the name of the family in which this hereditary disease was first recorded]

Disease intensity, английский

Disease kawa, английский
    A retrovirus infection that often occurs in small children and causes a high temperature, rash, reddened eyes, peeling skin and swollen lymph nodes

Disease label, английский

Disease mapping, английский
    Картографирование заболеваемости метод отображения распределения заболеваемости на территории.

Disease model, английский

Disease monitoring, английский
    Мониторинг заболевамости, слежение за заболеваемостью

Disease odds ratio, английский

Disease par, английский
    Same as psittacosis

Disease pattern, английский

Disease pi, английский
    Same as acrodynia

Disease prevention, английский
  1. Measures used to prevent a disease or reduce its severity.

  2. Профилактика болезней система мероприятий, направленных на предупреждение заболевания (например, с помощью иммунизации или борьбы с переносчиками болезней и др.).

Disease registry, английский
    A system of ongoing registration of all cases of a particular disease or health condition in a defined population.

Disease registry (atsdr), английский

Disease sto, английский
    A disease in which unusual amounts of a substance accumulate in a part of the body

Disease surveillance, английский
  1. Эпиднадзор за болезнями см. surveillance (эпидемиологический надзор). disinfectants, syn. sanitizers

  2. Эпиднадзор за болезнями см. surveillance (эпидемиологический надзор).

Disease taxonomy, английский

Ancylostomiasis, английский
    A disease of which the symptoms are weakness and anaemia, caused by a hookworm which lives on the blood of the carrier. in severe cases the person may die.

Acetylsalicylic acid, английский

Water sac, английский
    Amnion waterston’s operation waterston’s operation / w? t?st?nz ?p?re??(?)n/